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Op-Ed Animal Testing

March 21, 2016


Daniel Ginzberg
Op-Ed Essay
                                                                                Animal testing

    Since the 1950’s humans have been testing on animals in order to test the effects of makeup and medicine. Many people oppose the testing by protesting. L'Oreal has cooperated with a biotech company called Organovo in order to start printing human skin for product testing. In 2013, L'Oreal announced a partnership with bioprinting company Organovo, which will help the beauty company get cheap and fast testing with their new 3D printed skin. The collaboration could be the beginning of using 3D printed skin on a commercial level, and animal free testing will be ended  3D printing is a $2.7-billion industry, biotech companies worldwide began constructing smarter and quicker printers and printing prototype body parts ranging from heart valves to ears.

    Australian researchers are bringing monkeys from different locations on earth for scientific experiments in facilities around Victoria. These Monkeys are often victims of horrible tests before being mercifully put out of their misery. Many of the experiments using live animals are government funded, meaning taxpayers are paying the bill for the experiments that horrify many of us. Baboons, marmosets and macaque monkeys in hidden facilities around the country undergo weeks, months and sometimes years of testing before being killed. We know monkeys have certain abilities and are extremely emotionally developed like humans; they have complex social interactions with other monkeys like in a community. We know they have intellectual capability similar to young children; they do not only feel physical pain they also feel all the emotion that humans do and experience pain from it. Last week a gorilla at Frankfurt Zoo was seen sad due to the loss of her one-week-old baby that broke many hearts; she refused to let go of the gorilla baby. Shira was said to be so sad that she slept with her dead baby and carried it around with her all day. She guarded it so carefully that zookeepers didn't even attempt to retrieve the baby's body. It is simply astonishing that we keep monkeys in cages for the term of their life and  perform tests that can cause great fear and pain to them and then kill them in the name of science.

    Due to the primates, Patients with brain tumors finally have a reason for hope. Thanks to the work of scientists at Duke University, a new treatment for glioblastoma multiforme an aggressive tumor that kills about 11,000 people in the U.S. each year, is now saving the lives of patients who, a little time ago had little hope of survival. This development wouldn't have been possible without using animal testing. Many members in the animal-rights community forbid the use of any and all animals in medical research and they don't stop hoping for an animal testing ban to be passed. Recently the animal testing business proved to be life saving when  a test drug to fight Ebola had showed remarkable success when tested in the monkeys. Due to the new vaccine the scientists can also treat the polio virus, and on top of that there was a recently tested drug that helps the body's immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells. There are countless times when animal research played an invaluable role in creating this treatment for deadly viruses, tumors and, diseases.

    In my opinion animal testing is very cruel and should not be performed. I give credit to the company L’Oreal for partnering with many companies and trying to end the hate for the testing. The only fact that bothers me is that even though the monkey “Shira” at the Frankfurt Zoo was shown suffering from her loss and they still continued animal testing. This industry can be heartbreaking but it can also be extremely helpful in order to advance in the medical field and to help future research in the future.

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