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Deep, cute yet moving piece. Pretty plain and simple. Enjoy.

An Ideal World

March 11, 2015



Time. Time is the dictating measure of what we do. It forces the cease of neverending fun, yet taunts the weak by passing slowly. Without time, possibilties would be endless. But that is why we need Time.

Pain. Pain is a force that can't be controlled, not even by Time. It throws us to the ground, laughs, and then helps us up, before it pushes us back down once more. It reveals things about us, that even us ourselves didn't know existed, and without it we'd be safe. But that is why we need Pain.

Love. Love is the most twisted of them all. It shows us beauty, then crushes it with its hand. It warms us, opens us, then turns around and rips its long fingers deep into our scars. It makes Pain go away, then beckons Pain back. It tells Time it is unwanted, then asks for Time's help. Love tears us to shreds, wipes our tears, then leaves us in the dust. It shows us we are living. But this is why we need Love.

In order to live in an ideal world, a world without Time, Pain and Love, we need to live in a world Time, Pain and Love.


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