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Stop Asking Me This Question

By: queerquotes

I am sick of being asked if I could live without social media. Adults spend an absurd amount of time wondering if social media is ruining the world. I’m here to say that it is the least of our problems. Sure, I wouldn’t want to live without social media. I can only speak from personal experience, but I turn off social media when I need to. I like talking to friends online, but there is no real reason I couldn’t live without that. I have spent time with my family, in a place where basic electricity can’t be counted on. Imagine, months on end without any devices or WiFi or social media- lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Don’t worry, I’m still here.

Everyone counts different things as social media. Instagram makes my list. There are plenty of things I don’t like about it, but it is what my friends use. Social media only works when everyone, most importantly, your friends, uses it. It’s one time you have to “be a sheep” for it to work. Social media is an umbrella term for thousands of ways that you can talk to people online. If I decided to stop using social media, I would need to make sure I continue to talk to my friends often. Truth to be told, that would be hard considering I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t drive.

There is texting the ways adults use it, and the way kids do. I think some adults, my mom for example, see it like a type of email, in that it should be a formal, thought out message. Teenagers, on the other hand, have created a whole new dialect, varying by language and region, for it. The social media teenagers, today, know is incomparable to the one adults use. It shows a different face to those who grew up with it.

Social media can have toxic effects on its users. If you’re not careful, it is easy to forget that everyone has a real life behind the camera. A smooth Instagram feed can make someone’s life look perfect, but that doesn’t mean it is. People don’t put the worst sides of themselves online. It’s nice to see the fantasy of perfection as long as you don’t forget that it is just a fantasy. Those are the problems with social media that we need to talk about. But they are not reasons enough for me to give up on social media altogether. The problems of social media are variations of weeds we’ve all seen before. Things like bullying, self-esteem issues, and hate are nothing new.

Social media alters everyone’s social lives, even if you don't use it, and general human interaction. But, anyone born in the twenty-first century has never truly lived without it. There has never been a better or worse for us. Young people understand online communication in a way adults do not. There is always something new, especially in technology, and the people who resist the change. There were cries over the first printing press, followed by distress over the radical idea of lightbulbs, before their value became widely known and agreed upon as useful. There always seems to be a rally of older generations complaining about anything to changes the way it has always been. The printing press is the a relevant example because, similar to social media, one of its controversies concerned the distribution of information. About whose stories get told.

One grip I hear too often is that, “no one talks to each other anymore.” The truth is, people have always found ways to ignore each other. There were radios and newspapers and simply avoiding eye contact. This has been true for all of human history, social animals or not. However, because of social media, I am able to talk to friends and family I can’t be with. I can talk to my cousins who live in other countries. I send memes to my friend when I know she’s depressed, but I can’t be physically by her side to comfort her. I’ve met friends online who supported me when I didn’t believe anyone in my “real” life, people I know and see face to face regularly, could possibly understand me. Sometimes texting is easier than talking in person. I connect with more people because of social media than I would otherwise be able to. If you want to live offline, go for it. If you get a chance, do it for a few weeks. Remember that being on it doesn’t mean you have to check it every second, you don’t owe anyone anything through it. Life without social media wouldn’t kill me, but it sure would be lonely.

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Message to Readers

Is my message clear? Do you think I should add something more or take something away? Also, do you relate?

Peer Review

Personal experience and slight argumentation keep me reading.

The main argument is that, yes, there are problems with social media, but they have always been there, just being incorporated in a new way that older generations don't understand.

I like the information given out.

I don't think that there is anything missing from this piece.

This is really good, and I hope that you do well in this prompt's competition.

Reviewer Comments

<3 keep writing.