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I want people to feel what I feel when I play softball.

My Love

May 21, 2019


                                        May 16, 2019
Dear Softball,
I didn’t think I was going to fall in love with you the way I did;
But here I am anxiously
Waiting for next season
I didn’t know it was;
Possible to love something so much
My heart beats faster,
My eyes go wider,
My love for you gets stronger
With every day I lose that means I
Will be with you sooner
Even though I ache in pain;
I ache more in pain when we're apart
Being on a team means togetherness
My team equals family, and hope, and laughter
Playing with you makes me feel
    Alive and Adventurous
If I didn’t have you in my life,
Life would not be the same I love you forever and always


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