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Truly Solving Bullying

March 20, 2016

Dear Society,

    My mother always says, "Be careful what you wish for." America has wished for no bullying in schools. However, that has allowed schools to separate into stereotypical groups. There are the "jocks", the "nerds", the "geeks", the "emo" kids, the "losers", the "troubled", and the "popular". I could continue to list more, but for the sake of my fingers and your patience, I will stop there. I am in no way saying bullying is a fine concept to teach children. As a third grader, I was bullied mercilessly by the kids at my school, specifically with stereotypes. Either, I was skinny, so I must have been bulimic, or I speak my mind, so I must be a B----.
    What I continue to try to say is bullying is just a mask that stereotypes wore for an especially long time. Bullying is still a problem, but not as much as it was. In our eradication of bullying, we have turned a blind eye to stereotypes, and as a result, of that even countless adult Americans believe it is okay to apply labels. Apparently in today's American society my friend is Muslim, so she must be a terrorist. You are Mexican, so you must have hopped the border and are either a drug lord or a rapist. Thank Donald Trump for being such a great example, nobody else could have truly achieved that level of assholery.
    People no longer understand that labeling somebody is bullying. You could tell me I did just that by calling Donald trump an asshole. I did not call him that based on how rich he is, or how he is not a true politician. I called him that based on what he says and how I have seen him treat people. We need to stop the labels. Then only then can America truly stop the bullying. If we are to change our ways it has to begin with you. Whether you are American or not, take some time to truly know someone before you judge them. After all, isn't that what you would want?
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