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Hey this is the first book of one of my series.

War Over Cairaduen, Orin's Journey, Chapter 1 Pursued

May 16, 2019



It was dusk when Orin woke to the voice of his mother. “Orin wakeup, we have to leave” she cried, her face was full of fear. He hurried out of bed, dressed himself and they went out the backdoor where father Ufin was waiting with a few things he had packed. They ran into the mist, Orin could feel the grass wet with dew. And then, sounds were heard and torches were seen in the field. Suddenly fire lit arrows were flying everywhere, Ufin drew a silver sword with an oval hilt as ogre-like creatures appeared out of the fog, they were green in color with black eyes and had crucially made iron weapons. Ufin slipped a dagger in Orin's hand as they began to fight, soon the whole field was alit with fire and the creatures began to retreat from the flames but Maira Orin's mother was struck down as they left. She laid still and cold when Ufin and his son reached her.
“Orin we must leave this place before we burn” he said in a voice of sorrow, “They’ll be back soon, there’s a barn near by, we’ll get our horses there… eha ehar.. and make for the lake, quickly now.” The smoke was hard to breathe and the fire was spreading,they ran as fast as they could out of the field then walked silently towards the barn which was right at the bottum of the hill, they were so close when out of the trees came a green figure on a snakelike steed with large fangs the trollish figure waved an iron sword. “I am Gushborg and my mistress has ordered your doom” it spoke with a hash togue.
“I dont follow her orders!” shouted Ufin lashing out his sword at the beast, gashing a large hole in its left sholder. The beast pounced on him, its huge fangs gored his arm, he took up his sword in his left and they fought and fought. Meanwile the troll had been batling with Orin, and each had several wounds, finally Orin won. Ufin laid still under the beast’s head which was ready to devour its prey,with all his strength Orin lepted on its back and stabbed it again, and again in the back till it fell dead. He ran to his fathers side. “Orin ride, ride to the lake, as fast as you can, I’m sorry to have leave you alone like this”.
“No, you can’t leave now”.
“Orin listen to me, there is not much time. Go” he closed his eyes and put his sword in Orins hand.

So Orin made way to the barn with a heavy heart, when he reached it he felt something in his pocket, It was a small stone, than Orin remembered his mother slip something in his pocket as they left the house. He never found out what it ment until latter on.
He sadled a horse and rode as fast as it could carry him. The wind was strong and it wistled in his ears he went, soon it started to springle,then rain, then pour, and it poured hard.He pulled up his hood and rode faster.
All the day it got worst and worst,it hailed, lightning and thundered, he had to find shelter and soon for the weather was not the sort of weather to travel in.

In a flash of lightning he saw a small cave behind some bushes and a very large oak. He made for it, and just as he got inside, there was freezing rain, giant hail hard as stone, and the wind was so strong that it would knock you off your feet if the hail didn’t knock you out first.

The cave was a pale gray and was wide with one small entrance, it was the perfect wind blocker. Orin made a little fire with the only dry wood he could find which was a middle sized piece of rotten wood in the cave.

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  • Boogie With Stu

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I would love a review.

    about 1 year ago
  • Janna Brown

    This is super creative and exciting to read! It sounds like the start of a really great hero's myth from like Ireland or Greece! There are a few spelling errors here and there (I could do a peer review if you want me to point them out) but overall it's a really compelling story! Keep up the good work!

    about 1 year ago