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Do we need food?

May 23, 2019

The importance of a good meal; we've all had those days where we come home from school or work and just feel down, or things in life keep getting more stressful as things go on. Sometimes all we need is some food in our stomachs, something warm (or cold depending on what you like) to fill us up. Maybe you need to keep your mind occupied. Maybe you're bored (even though there is much healthier ways to deal with boredom). it doesn't matter what the case is, sometimes we just need or want food.
    food can also change our mood depending on the type of food. some foods can even make you happier! ice cream, hamburgers, different kinds of fast food. These are just a sample of different food that can effect our moods, making us happy or or sluggish or anywhere on a wide range of emotions.
    We as a society often perceive that food is either bad for us or just a necessity or fact of life. But a good meal can mean all the difference in someone life.
There have been many Important meals throughout written history. one of the most famous has been the bible story widely known as 'the last supper'. Here Jesus had told his apostles that there was a traitor among them, but that he would like on last supper with them. he showed that a good meal can bring us closer together. Even if you know someone will wrong you, you should still be able to break bread with them, and attempt to enjoy yourself with the time you have left. 
    The Greeks and Romans and feasted to enjoy themselves before gong to war or performing sacrifices or pretty much anything, they knew the value of a good meal. That if done correctly it can either make or break something.
    modern day soldiers feast too, before deployment or after. Indulging in copious amounts of food to celebrate whenever they can.
    Shows such as Gordon Ramsay's 'Hells Kitchen' tend to show that food can also be stressful but likewise shows such as Rachel Ray's 'the Rachel ray show' give many a way to practice gourmet food at a cheap cost, showing viewers how to cook dishes and giving instructions on how to prepare the meals or snack. Others such as Guy Fieri's 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives' and Adam Richman and Casey Webb's 'Man V.S. Food' series, show off different food themed attractions such as diners, historical food locations across the US. Showing where to get some of the countries best food and while allowing smaller businesses hard earned attention.
    We as the american country even tend to spend a lot of money on food, spending trillions in food each year during the holiday season. according to finder.com thanksgiving racks up around 990 trillion dollars (https://www.finder.com/american-thanksgiving-turkey-spend). We eat large amounts bee cause sometimes a good meal is what we need in our head for things to feel normal. We even have a holiday dedicated to going out and asking strangers for candy(halloween).
    in conclusion we need food, not just for comfort or for live but rather because we have a society where food has been revered. We put food on a pedestal, and it's probably not coming down for a while. we've seen it in history, in advertisements and even entire shows and television channels. the problem is that food is seen as something great, even though it can be and all we need sometimes is a good meal, but sometimes we also need to restrict or reserve eating, helping educate young people and adults alike that we all need to manage how we deal with food.


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