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~Words are like blankets. I just want to be wrapped in them forever.

~ My drama teacher called me a chapstick lesbian. She really gets me.

~ I'm not uncomfortable but I feel so uncomfortable"

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May 15, 2019


This hurts.
It's not your fault you don't like me back.  
I just wish you wanted to be with me.  
You told me you liked him but I guess it didn't register until I saw your reaction...  
How he makes you smile,  
The way you say his name,  
Your eyes lit up brighter than the sun.

I should've seen this coming.  
Maybe I kind of did.  
I never thought it would hurt this bad.  
Maybe I'm too attached.  
This need to tell you how I feel is so strong,
Yet I don't want you to stop talking to me the same way.  
I love being your friend.  
But I wish we were more.  

I want to like somebody else.  
But I just can't.  
I've liked you for a while, but it was just superficial.  
What changed, you may ask?
Can't really say...

I wish you felt that electricity when our hands touch,  
The heat that comes to my face when you compliment me,  
My heart beating so intensely when I see your warm smile,  
Waves of emotions when I see you approaching.  
You are just so effortlessly amazing.

But we're just friends.  
We will never be anything more.  
I've accepted it.  
But not all of me has.  
I'm going to tell you.  
Just not today


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1 Comment
  • AbigailSauble

    Oh oh ....... beautifully and emotionally written.
    So personal.

    about 1 year ago