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He, She and It

By: Norah

PROMPT: Quartet

She asked the promising ones, whether or not they would like to see her dragons, nodded quietly when they laughed, never told anyone her age and took the screens out of her windows, just in case.

He enjoys old things, books with rusted covers and finger-stained pages, a hollowed out typewriter that he keeps flowers in. Sometimes he listens in on the star’s conversations, and he is not afraid of death, in fact he is one of the few who remembers.

It lived on the roof, we didn’t quite know what it was, something in between a shadow and a cat. It would hiss at us in the early morning, outside our windows or perched on the chimney and when we were gone, it would steal yarn from my mother’s basket.

Message to Readers

Please tell me if any of these characters interested you or made you want to know more. Also, do the sentences and phrasing flow?

Peer Review

She: "She asked the promising ones whether or not they would like to see her dragons..."
She owns dragons which speaks volumes about her personality. She is fierce and courageous.

He: "He enjoys old things..."
He enjoys old things, so he's intelligent and shy, but also smart and clever.

It: " would steal yarn from my mother's basket."
It's a cat, because it likes yarn.

She: Where does she get her dragons and where does she keep them? How many does she have?

He: Why isn't he afraid of death? What does he remember?

It: Does it have a family?

Reviewer Comments

Your piece was very intriguing. Using so few details, you established brillant and interesting characters! Amazing job! Keep writing!