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This was a fun, occasionally challenging challenge, but I think that I'm ready to go back to be underwhelmed by notifications and being able to talk with my friends

How Bad Can 1 Week Be?

May 22, 2019

    Social Media. It's good for keeping up with celebrities lives, your friends, memes- but how important is it really? Can it be addicting? This week I'm giving myself a challenge- delete all social media from my phone and see how I do each day without it. My expectations for this week are that I'll do fairly well.
    Day 1- Today has been, well... Absolutely fine. I got work done that I may have typically procrastinated on, going on social media to keep from having to do it. Honestly, with how today went, can't say that I'll miss it that much.
    Day 2- Today I had to do some school work on my Chromebook, and it was fine. I also re-picked-up a couple of hobbies that I no longer typically do that much anymore. All in all, I would call today is a success.
    Day 3- It's Friday! Honestly, I feel like today and this weekend will be a struggle for me, but you don't know for sure until you try to do it, am I right? So far, this week has been better than I expected it to be. If I'm being honest just about all I've pretty much ever used social media for is to be able to contact my friends that I don't have phone numbers for and to contact my friends when I run out of cellular minutes. So what I think the point that I'm trying to make is that maybe for me, I don't need to keep social media, it's just something that I just personally prefer to have for myself. Okay, it's the end of the day, I don't really feel the personal effect. 
    Days 4 and 5- I spent my weekend with my robotics team at a fundraiser at my school until 2pm, walked to my friend's place and spent another two hours outside. Not being on social media actually helped keep me in the moments hanging out with my friend like when we went and got frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf, or when we stayed up watching movies, or when we went to film a scene at the park with another friend and accidentally scared little kids and weirded out their parents. Sure there were times where I was like, "I wanna tell my other friend this happened," and then went "oh wait," but shrugged it off because the only way to tell them about what happened was through either telling them about it in real life or to break my 1 week challenge and tell them about it. And honestly, if I can't remember what I wanted to right now, was it really that important?
    Day 6- What I'm thinking is that social media is nice to have. But so far this week, I've had a good time being able to stay in the moment and with the people I'm with. I think that for me when this week is all over, I'm just going to end up limiting my time on social media. I'll be keeping it, but I think that I'll be limiting it because there are more important things than "how long will it take for blank to answer me?" like the ukulele and school. Towards the end of the day, I was tired of the challenge. I stuck through it, with the knowledge that it would be over in a few short hours.
    Day 7- The final day! Honestly, up to the end of the day, it felt like it had during the first five days, but then I was tired and just ready for the challenge to be over. I haven't gone back on yet, but sometimes social media and talking with my friends is part of my wind down after the day routine. Last night I wanted to, but couldn't, though I also couldn't text those friends who I usually would converse with, because I don't have their numbers. 
    In conclusion, I say that this is a nice challenge, and to try it out yourself. Personally, I'm going to incorporate pieces of what I learned into my everyday life, like keeping away from it when I'm trying to do homework because I learned that helps me procrastinate. I'm also going to keep off of it when I'm with my friends because I learned that when hanging with a friend it's better to be fully there, rather than only partially. I recommend trying this practice yourself and seeing how you feel at the end of your set time frame. Maybe do it for 3-5 days and not a week, but if you do try to go for a week or longer, you may learn some things about yourself that you may not have known before. Logging off (haha social media joke. No? Okay, I'll leave.), Easton.


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