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After you

March 20, 2016

"After you made fun of my weight, after you made fun of my fashion tastes and proceeded to change it to match your own tastes, after you made fun of my school grades. After you made fun of my interest in cosplaying. After you made fun of my love for anime and manga. After you made fun of my family, after you drove your car over my dog, after you stole $200 from my very own wallet. After you published explicit pictures of me on social media. After you blackmailed me, after you physically abused me, after you humiliated me. After you held a knife up to my throat, threatening to kill me if I continued to talk to other guys. After you cheated on me. And after you left me for that "dream girl" of yours.

"You still expect me to get back together with you? Have you no dignity? What, just because your "dream girl" rejected you, I should pity you and take you back?"

Stacy stood there, her face flushed with anger. The eyes that used to shed tears were now dry. There was not a hint of warmth in her voice. She just stared in disbelief at the monster that stood before her.

"Are you trying to get back with me because you can't live without a girlfriend? Am I some sort of achievement to you, something to parade around to your good-for-nothing alcoholic friends? Are you just desperate for love?

"Well, tough news buddy. It ain't gonna happen. I ain't getting back with you. After the torture you put me through, I have learnt the importance of loving myself, the importance of protecting myself from harm, and the importance of being happy. And you, buddy, are toxic. To me, to my family, and to everyone that lives in this world. I am now contented with my life. I am no longer overweight, I am contented with my fashion sense, and I have been taking classes to improve my own knowledge of the world. I have taken up cosplaying again, and I can't get enough of anime and manga. I appreciate my family and love them very much, I have gotten another German Shepard to keep me company, and I currently hold a part-time job. I am no longer living in fear of someone who would harm me.

"After you made my life a living hell, I learnt to be happy. I learnt to be myself. So leave my life. I never ever want to see you again. I am no longer a slave to you."


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