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Race For The Kingdom (Part 3)

May 14, 2019


Before I knew it my days at the castle were flying by. It seemed like they got shorter and shorter, leading up to my coronation. But then five days after the funeral carriage had left bad news came.

It came in the form of a messenger who had brought the news from one of the guards at the castle wall. He ran into the meeting room during the morning meeting with the governors had.

“There is a man,” he said breathlessly. “He claims to be Resigned Princess Mia’s son,” the governor’s exchanged glances and tried to get him to say more. He just gulped down air before continuing. “He wants the throne.”

It took a minute for the governor’s to realize that Princess Mia must have had children. I mean, it made sense since if you are going to start a new life you might as well get married. I guess I hadn’t expected this turn.

Four of the governor’s ran out the door and I followed them, hearing a bit of debate behind me about whether or not Princess Mia’s son was considered banned or not because of his mother. Assuming it was the truth.

The castle lawn was huge and I was faster than the governor’s so I arrived at the gate before they did. And I saw that there, at the castle gate, was a carriage with a young man who couldn’t have been more than two years older than me.

I could tell that if he was truly Mia’s son, then she had managed to either marry into someone high up in the money system or had worked her way up because it was no simple carriage. It was huge travel carriage, the kind that had three sections which contained a sitting section which usually had flippable seats for sleeping in the middle, a servant section that was used to transport servants behind the sitting section, and a driver section so that there could be trade off drivers.

Overall it was pretty nice travel carriage and I just gotta say- if the boy leaning up against it really was my second cousin I wouldn’t be surprised. He had short cut brown hair and the same milky green eyes that both Tristen and I had. His skin was also extremely pale matching mine. He was dressed in travel clothes (no surprise there) but they were so nice that he could have worn them to a banquet and be voted the most finely dressed.

I walked up to him and greeted him, shrugging off the guards that tried to push me back. “I am the Lady Scarlett,” I told him.

“And you seem to claim yourself to be whom?”

“Prince Nathan, son of Princess Mia, soon to be King of Markham,” he replied with a smirk. He had only said one sentence and I was already starting to hate him.

“I see. Why must you be here, ‘Prince Nathan, son of Mia, soon to leave my country?’”

“You mean ’soon to be King of Markham, right?” he asked. He didn’t give me a chance to object before continuing. “I am here to claim the throne that my late mother should have had, the one that is going to be mine in a matter of days because of legal matters,” he replied.

“How must one who has gone so low see himself fit to be king of a country that he isn’t loyal to?” I replied. I barely knew this guy yet had already started insulting him. Although I guess he did start it so…

He held his smirk and was about to answer when the governors came up beside me.

Governor Philip took control of the situation and asked a couple of questions to this ‘Prince Nathan’ fellow, much like the ones that I had already asked. He replied with similar snarky answers and it was obvious that Governor Philip was not happy with him.

“There’s no way to check if you are actually royalty, but if you are then you have no right here. Princess Mia got her royal right revoked many years ago,” Governor Philip informed him in a very formative way. It was obvious who he thought would win this battle.

“Ah but you see that was my mother,” Prince Nathan replied. “I am not her and she is not me. All that I ask is for the throne.”

“All you ask? All you ask? What do you mean that’s all you ask!" I screamed at him. “You can’t just go around outrageous demands like that!”

I didn’t realize that I was only a foot from his stupid, smirking face, until Governor Philip had to pull me back and insist that I calm down.

“She does have a point,” he told Prince Nathan. “You can’t just claim the throne. It’s not your to take. I suggest you leave now.”

“Ah, but that is where you are wrong you see. Lady Scarlett and I, well, we have
the same grandparents. We are also the only ones in our family who can take the throne you see. So really the oldest of us gets to become the new king or queen, and that would, well, that would be me.” Prince Nathan finished and his smirk was immediately back.

The governor’s and I- by now they had all gotten here- all stood at him with mouths open wide. He was right. But there must be some other rule. This couldn’t be it, since if it was then the end of Markham was near. I couldn’t tell what country he just came from but most likely it was Romf or another rich country that anyone could become the next ruler of.

Finally one of the governor’s came to their senses and sent a messenger to get the book of rules, the official ones for Markham that could only be adjusted by the king with a series of improvements. So while he ran to get the book I looked around at the awkward circle that I stood in the middle of. The governors were still behind me, although Governor Philip was only a little behind me to my left. In front of me there was Prince Nathan with his carriage, and the servants that had traveled with him stood behind the carriage watching. On the sides of the circle were fifteen or so guards to make sure that everything would be okay.

“So, where are you from?” I asked Prince Nathan.
He stared at me for a second then smiled and proudly answered, “Markham, of course.”

I just sighed and rephrased. “Where have you spent every day of your life except for you days traveling here?”
He frowned at this, not wanting to admit that this was the first time that he had been to Markham (this was already pretty obvious to me).

“I grew up in Romf,” he replied, and I smiled. I couldn’t have guessed wiser.

“What was your mom’s position there,” I asked him, nodding at his carriage.

“She worked her way up to marrying a nobleman,” he answered. “Although she is still loyal to Markham, even though she is dead. My life goal is to take over her dream of ruling Markham.”
Now it was my time to smirk. “You mean that it is my life goal to govern Markham. Ruling is a term for tyrants. Not good tyrants either.”

He just shook his head and ignored my comment. I realized that everyone had just been watching us converse, not knowing what to say or do.

Then the messenger returned with the rule book and Governor Philip flipped to it until he found the correct page.
“It says here that if two people of equal rank who are the only ones able to claim the throne because of blood, either the older one shall claim it or there will be a simple sword fight. Whoever wins shall be coronated as the King or Queen of Markham.”

When I heard this I wasn’t sure how to react. A sword battle seemed simple enough, but it wasn’t really wasn’t a sword battle if Markham was on the line. The thought just left me shivering. I looked over at Prince Nathan to find him staring at me with a look that I wished I hadn’t seen. It was a “you’re going down” kind of look. The shivers kept flowing up and down my spine.

“Let’s do it now, then,” Prince Nathan said. I just broke out laughing. “What’s so funny?” he asked.

“You can’t just do a battle for the new ruler of a country. You have to let the people see it. Otherwise, no one is going to be happy about a new ruler coming from a fight nobody common witnessed,” I informed him.

“Well then let’s get some commoners and do this!” he shouted at me. He must not see how complex his plan was and that nobody could move the world in two seconds.

Governor Philip stepped in. “How about this. We will do the battle in ten days in the front lawn of the castle. We will inform everyone in Markham about it so there will be time to gather. It will also give time for the funeral carriage to reach the edge of the kingdom and come back.”

Prince Nathan and I looked at each other, and although I wasn’t happy with him we shook hands and walked back to the castle keeping a ten-foot distance from each other.


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