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Race For The Kingdom (Part 8)

May 14, 2019


The next few days crawled by slowly, stocked full of preparations for the coronation and wedding. I tried my best to avoid Nathan, but he countered my attempts. Agreeing to marry him was the worst mistake of my life.

I still wish I could marry Jacob, although I had a feeling he didn’t want to marry me and for a lady to marry a stablehand would be dishonorable. Also, if Nathan kept his vow that he would have me marry some old noble instead, maybe from another country.

So really I didn’t have any choice and couldn’t back out now. The night before the coronation I got ready as fast as possible for bed, and got in before Nathan. I couldn’t fall asleep though.

When he came in ten minutes later and crawled into the bed next to me I pretended to be asleep, but he knew that I was faking it. “Good night, Princess. Tomorrow I won’t be able to call you that anymore,” he told me. I didn’t know if he knew that I was awake or not. Then he brushed his hand down my face and softly kissed my forehead. Darn it. I would have to kiss him tomorrow in front of thousands of people.

The End

The second book will be coming soon.


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