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Race For The Kingdom (Part 7)

May 14, 2019


“Good. We will have you married as soon as possible. Maybe even the day of the coronation we could have the wedding, and crown you both afterward,” someone suggested.
Nathan nodded, and I finally looked up, staring at Tristen. He was smiling, happy that I was marrying Nathan. I couldn’t believe it.

The rest of the afternoon seemed to draw on forever, with discussions about politics and country affairs. After dinner, most people had left. Many of the town representatives had been offered to stay at the castle, so over a hundred new people were now making their way around the castle since most had brought their families.

Every time I was spotted, I had to go and meet the person, since right after lunch had finished it had been announced that Nathan and I would marry. They all congratulated me and were so glad to get to meet the soon to be queen. I wasn’t happy about it all, but I tried my best to look it.

When I finally got permission to return to my quarters, Nathan followed me upstairs. “You won’t be sleeping there anymore,” he told me.

“Why not?”

“We are going to be married in less than a week’s time, Scarlett. Even if you don’t want to share a bed, we still must have rooms next to each other.”

I groaned, and a servant came towards us and showed us a room on the second floor.
As soon as I walked in I was amazed and surprised at how nice it was. Even more so than the other room I had been staying in. It had light gold wallpaper everywhere, and the main room was absolutely amazing. It had a two person table with two white- padded chairs on the right side of the room and a white couch on the left side, across from a giant fireplace.
In the back of the room there was a crystal staircase that would upstair. It glowed cold because of the light from the lanterns that were lit around the room reflecting off the gold wallpaper.

There was a door on the left and two on the right, and I walked towards the one on the left. It led to a small office, which was probably meant for Nathan. One of the ones on the right led into an entirely different living quarters that was a bit smaller. I didn’t explore it much, but I could tell it was for a child, probably a boy. It had baby blue wallpaper and toys everywhere, as well as a crib upstairs. The other door led to the same thing but for a girl.

I had forgotten that marrying Nathan would eventually mean having a kid with him. Of course it did. Darn it.
I explored upstairs in our new room, noticing that Nathan was watching me. He must have been in this room before, expecting that he would end up marrying me.

Upstairs there was another room with a fireplace and couch, as well as two bathrooms that both huge bathtubs. The bedroom had a king sized bed and two closets, one for me and one for Nathan. They were full of clothing, and mine was almost two times bigger than his. When I was done exploring I grabbed a nightgown that was laid out for me on the closet bench and walked over to the bathroom to get a bath. I also dismissed the servants for the night.

I also found out that since we were technically engaged (Nathan had given me a ring to wear to show it, made of beautiful diamonds on a shiny silver band) we had to get “private time” with no servants around. Whenever we need them there was a special bell in every room that could be heard ringing in the servants quarters that would tell them to come.

After I had bathed I went back into the room, surprised that Nathan wasn’t already there. I crawled into the bed, noting that he had lied about the separate beds. Of course he had.

I wanted to wait and tell him to find another bed… but it was just to soft and I had just completed a long day… I fell asleep before I could stop myself.


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