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Race For The Kingdom (Part 6)

May 14, 2019


I eventually got dressed in a simple blue gown and at the lunch that had been left on a table in my room before making my way downstairs. One of the castle servants saw me and scrambled downstairs, informing others of my presence. When I got to the dining hall I saw the lunch still on the table, and everyone gathering around it. There were the governors as well as many of the representatives from all of the different towns in Markham.

Nathan was sitting at the head of the table, with Tristen on his left and an empty seat on his right. Why did he save a seat for me? Usually, the head governor sat on the left of the king, and his wife on the right. Oh no.

I walked over to the empty seat and sat down, and the governors welcomed me and seemed to forget what they had been talking about before, which was some sort of alliance with Romf.

“So, Scarlett, have you thought of my marriage offer?” Nathan asked me. The governors all stared at me in a way that seemed like they had already discussed this.

“Um… ya, I guess.”

“You know, if you marry Prince Nathan then you will get to have half the country. I mean, usually the queen doesn’t have any right to the throne, but we can make an exception considering you have royal blood,” one of the governors told me.

I looked over at Tristen who was smiling at me. Did he really want me to marry Nathan?

“That is true. But Nathan’s my cousin, and I want to marry for love, not like this,” I responded.
Everyone looked at me like I was insane, except for Nathan who gave a funny look, which I assumed was his form of a smirk that the governors wouldn’t see as one.

“Princess Scarlett, you must understand that as a Lady of Markham, you will not be marrying for love. Unless, of course, you love a wealthy noble from another country,” another governor told me. Also, that marriage will probably be arranged by Prince Nathan himself once he becomes king,” another governor told me.

“Also, marrying me is the better choice. Otherwise, you will probably marry someone much older and wiser than you, like one of the governors,” Nathan told me.

He insulted the governors a little bit, but I don’t think they noticed. When I looked over at the governors I realized that his words were also a threat. If I didn’t marry him, I might be paired up with a governor that is twenty years older than me.

Some of them smiled back at me, although others that already had wives gave me sad looks. They understood that I wouldn’t want to marry a governor. Ew.

I sighed, closing my eyes. I would never get to marry Jacob. I would never get to marry for love unless I learned to love the person I married. I wouldn’t get any choice. My best choice was Nathan.

I opened my eyes, but immediately looked down at my hands. “Fine. I will marry Nathan… I mean Prince Nathan.”
I couldn’t believe it. I had just agreed to marry Nathan. No. This was terrible.


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