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Race For The Kingdom (Part 5)

May 14, 2019


Before I knew, it was the day of the battle. There were people everywhere, so many that it was hard to believe. Half of Markham was probably there, all waiting to see who their new King or Queen would be. I just washed my fear down and hoped it would be me.

Someone was standing up on a tall platform, announcing the rules and things like that. Slowly the people gathered into a wide circle with me and Nathan in the middle. Before I knew it someone shouted for us to begin, and the crowd started cheering. Most of the shouts were aimed towards me. I had the people’s favor, but even so, Nathan could probably kill me in seconds if that was his goal.

But the thing about a battle is that it either ends when someone dies or someone surrenders. I had a feeling that Nathan was hoping for me to surrender so that I could take his marriage offer.

We walked up to each other, the shouts getting louder as we got closer. Then he drew his sword and I drew mine and the battle began.

I wish I could say that it lasted for hours and that the entire time except until the end I was winning, but that would be a complete lie. I had gotten less sleep than usual last night since there had been an owl outside my window that just couldn’t keep its mouth shut. So I was trying my best not to drop my sword and get stabbed.

I did better than most girls my age, but I guess most of them didn’t have any reason to be in a sword fight. Especially not for the same reason as this one. And while I dodged his attacks I was barely able to make an attack on him without it being quickly countered. I was definently outmatched.

So we just went back and forth and my arms got tired, and my legs from running. I knew that I couldn’t last much longer and eventually was having a hard time breathing. He seemed to notice this but just smiled and kept attacking. Meanwhile, the crowd continued to shout my name, telling me to win for my country. I already knew this of course, but they didn’t seem to think I did.

Then I just collapsed. Ten minutes into the battle Nathan had managed to cut me on my leg and it hurt to walk and I could just not stay standing. So down I went, onto the ground. My sword flew away, out of reach to my right. Then he walked up to me and pointed his sword at my throat.

I knew he had no intentions in killing me since all of his attacks had been more playful than painful. I had some other small cuts but they could all easily be healed in a week.

I just looked up at him, and I knew that it was over. “Surrender now and live, or I will kill you. Your country is now mine.”

That’s all he said and I realized that he was right. I just nodded and then slowly stood up, and he let me. His sword was still at my throat although even if I did want to attack him I didn’t have anything to fight with.

I walked into the middle of the fighting area and announced as loud as I could, with Nathan right behind me, “I now surrender the country of Markham to my cousin, because he has won this battle. I am not doing it willingly but out of the fact that I can not win this battle, but he is family and is a royal.” Then I curtsied, I don’t know why, and walked out of the battle area, past the governors and the other people.

The silence soon changed to a lot of boos, and shouts, probably aimed at me. Eventually, I started running and tried my best to shove past all the people on my way to the hidden garden that I liked. People just watched me go, and let me run through them. Even though everyone was mad at me, I was still nobility and hurting a noble isn’t a good idea. It is punished by death.

I had a feeling that someone would follow me, try to chase me down, but I didn’t see anyone doing that. I guess everyone was worried about the new king now. Well, he wasn’t king until he had been crowned, which would happen in a few days. The governors had already started planning it, because whether it was for me or Nathan, it was still about the same.

When I got to the garden I sat down on the bench and cried. At some point I got hungry and wiped the tears out of my eyes, walking slowly to the castle. I tried to look like a commoner, but with the battle armor I had been wearing it was hard. Some people gave me stares, but I ignored them.

Inside, the hallways were full. Lots of people were gathered in the dining hall, enjoying a huge lunch. I crept into the servants quarters, and they all gasped when they saw me. One of them showed me up a small staircase, and led me to my room.

A bath was drawn for me, and I graciously took it. I wondered what Tristen was doing, and if he approved of Nathan. I thought about marrying Nathan, and how that would give me a part of Markham’s fate. But I didn’t like Nathan. Not that he wasn’t handsome, but that he was my cousin. I didn’t want to marry my cousin, it was weird. It wasn’t unusual in royalty, but still.

I wanted to marry someone like Jacob, who was nice and calm. Who helped me and didn’t try to push me down. Maybe if I went back to Southside Manor I could live out a normal life. But then Nathan would find a way to get revenge on me for not marrying him. I didn’t know if he wanted to marry me because he liked me, or because if he did, the people would like him a lot more.


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