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Race For The Kingdom (Part 4)

May 14, 2019


For the rest of the day I avoided him. At one point he retreated to the room he had been given to rest and I was happy since there was no chance of me bumping into him. Meanwhile I spent most of the afternoon I practiced with a sword which I hadn’t used in months.

I considered myself good enough, but Governor Philip said that he planned to hire all the best sword fighters in the region to help me. I accepted his offer although I was half sure that Prince Nathan would smash me.
The next day I was on a break from sword fighting and retreated to the royal gardens behind the castle. There was one section in particular that I had found a liking to with a small pond filled with fish, surrounded by small trees and bushes. It was hidden and I had found it by accident several day ago.

It also had very nice grass that was a bit overgrown and some different flowers scattered around. There was even a small cement bench by the side of the lake. So anyways I went to this garden and had been sitting there for a few minutes when I felt this weird sensation. I couldn’t really explain it but it felt like I wasn’t the only one here.

I looked around and saw a figure behind a tree and sighed. “Come on out,” I told him, half expecting it to be Tristen. It was actually Prince Nathan though. He walked up to me, a small smile on his face. It was the first time I had seen him show a good emotion, and when I saw it I realized that he was… ugh. I don’t know I can think this but he was a little...cute.

“I guess that you are a bit smarter than I gave you credit for,” he told me. “Anyways, how are you doing?”
I looked at him and wondered where his smirk had gone. There wasn’t any hint of it and I was surprised. It made me think that he wanted something from me.

“I’m… doing good?” I told him, stuttering.
He laughed, a real laugh. Now the only thing that was going through my brain was “what is happening?” I could have imagined so many different possibilities for conversations with him but this would have never been considered one of those.

“Doing good, huh?” he replied. Then he nodded. “Maybe we can be friends. Even if, well, I win, you win, whatever.”


He just shrugged. “I’m sorry about yesterday. Two days in a carriage and your mother’s death wish just kinda gets on your nerves sometimes, you know?” he said with another laugh, although it was a sad one and his voice cracked a little when saying his mother’s death wish part.

“Oh… I didn’t know…” I told him. “I knew that she loved Markham and all… I’m sorry,” I whispered.
“It’s okay,” he whispered back. Then he came and sat next to me. The weird part is that I didn’t think much about it just that he was grieving and all.

“My parents died a while ago,” I told him with a sigh. “It wasn’t easy on my brother and I, and one of my mother’s advisers took over all of my father’s property and I would have gotten it in a year or so but if I become Queen then it will be my brother’s which I hope for. I want him to have a good start into the world.”
Prince Nathan nodded. “Should I call you Lady Scarlett or just Scarlett?” he asked me.

“Scarlet, please,” I replied.

“You can call me Nathan, or Nate, whatever you’d like,” he answered.

Then we just sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes before he asked me what I was doing for my training. “I saw you outside practicing, but by the looks of it I will probably win,” he added.

I snorted. “When the battle is for my country then I have to make sure to win for my peoples sake.”

“I wish I could back off from the battle, but it was my mother’s dream to rule Markham, and she now wants it to be mine as well,” he told me.

“And I would let you have it but I don’t know what you will do with my country.”

“It may not be your country soon.”

“You never know.”

“Hmm. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

With that said I got up and was about to leave the garden when I glanced back to see Nathan looking at me, his hand under his chin. “You know you’re quite pretty.”

I just stared at him in surprise. “Excuse me?” was all I managed to choke out. “You know we are cousins, right?”

He paused for a second, thinking. “Our great-grandparents Nane Trent and his wife Marinetta were cousins.”

“It doesn’t matter if they were. I would never marry you in a million years,” I replied and started to walk away.

“But if we got married then we could share the kingdom. I know that you won’t give my offer to much thought now, but if I win the duel you may want to reconsider.”

With that off his chest he got up and walked away, leaving me in shock. He was right, I couldn’t deny that. But the question was, if I did lose the duel and marrying him would give me back my kingdom, would I do it? I had only known him for a few days, so it was probably too early to decide.

I slowly walked back to the castle, and stopped by the stables. I found Jacob there grooming Mysteria and asked if I could ride her. “Of course, my lady, but if you would like there is another horse you might want to take instead,” he told me.
I blushed as he said ‘my lady,’ even though that was the customary thing for people to call me. Still, it sounded so sweet when he said it.

“Uh sure,” I replied and he led me to another horse, already saddled and ready to ride. He was silky black with a white muzzle as well as white spots on his belly. He was beautiful.

“Oh wow,” I said aloud as I looked at him. “Is he fast?” I asked, turning to Jacob. He nodded.

“I haven’t seen a faster horse than him, ever.”

Jacob helped me get on, telling me that his name was Yesher. Then he led Yesher out of the stables and I rode away, thanking him.

He sure was right about the fast part. Riding Yesher was the most amazing thing I had ever done. He went so fast that before I knew it I was down by the gates, and then racing back. But of course every horse had its downsides, and Yesher’s was that he didn’t seem to like other horses. When we passed by some of the guards who were practicing I went closer with him to greet them but he bucked and ran away, too fast for me to control him.

After a while I gave Yesher back to Jacob, leaving with a smile. He gave me an even bigger one back. Before I knew it I was back inside, in my room. I took some time to think about how Jacob made me feel. Every time I was around him I was happy, and I felt that he would always be there if I needed him. I wondered if he felt the same way about me. Probably not.

I sighed and figured that I might as well do some training. Maybe Nathan was right. He could easily beat me. In fact, when I looked out the window I saw him practicing with one of the guards. He would probably win.

I got up off the chair that I had been sitting in and walked down to the courtyard. I figured that I might as well get my practice in while I could, and so I used a tree to practice my hits with a sword. Several times servants came up to me asking if I needed someone to practice with but I just shrugged them off.

I was surprised when Jacob came walking behind me. It seemed like he was planning on walking past me, but when I noticed him he greeted me and bowed. “Nice to see you again, my lady.” I smiled as he called me that, but remembered that was just my title. Nothing special about it.

“What brings you here?” I asked him.

“The stable master gave me a break so I decided to go on a walk. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Oh, no. It’s great that he gave you some time off. Hopefully he is nice to you since you will probably be staying here if I win
the battle.”

“About that… I belong to your father’s house, which will become your brothers if you win the battle. Winning means that he will eventually own all of your former servants. If you don’t win then you will just go back to your ordinary life at Southside Manor.”

Everything he said was true, but I didn’t want it to be. Odds seemed to be on Nathan’s side, with all his training and skills with a sword. If he won then I would go back to being ordinary me. Unless I took his offer, but I was young and not ready to be married. Girls had married younger though, but I’d rather wait for true love.

I sighed and went back to practicing on the tree. By now it was so scarred that it looked like it was about to fall over.

“You need a practice partner?” Jacob asked, breaking the silence. It was a plain command, asked only because he was my servant, but I thought of it as sweet. In fact, that was probably something all servants knew about. There must be some unspoken “ask your master even if they don’t need it” rule.

But since I had a tiny crush on Jacob I agreed. I called to a servant who was doing laundry nearby to go and get a sword for him. She scurried off and gave one that he easily held. Then we started practicing.

He was terrible with a sword, and it turned into me teaching him more than the other way around. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised though that he had never used a sword and that this was his first time.

Before I knew it, the sun had completely left the sky and all was dark. “I better go, my lady. Otherwise, the stable master won’t be happy.” This time when he said ‘my lady’ though it had some emotion in it. Like maybe we were friends, and could someday be more than just that.

“Thank you,” I replied, and gave him a hug. It didn’t seem like something he was used to and he just kind of stood there stiffly before walking away with a wave. I stared and watched him go before turning back and heading inside.

As the week progressed many things happened. I spent lots of time with both Nathan and Jacob, Nathan in the morning just talking and then Jacob in the afternoon. Usually, my time with Nathan lasted an hour or so before he went off to practice.

After that, I had a meeting with either the governors or some nobles for a few hours, which I found to be quite normal. Then I would spend the late evening hours with Jacob.

My relationship with Nathan was kind of like that of friends who had known each other for their entire life. We could laugh and talk about just about anything, even the upcoming battle. When I was with Jacob though we had a sort of tension, one that I wanted to break. However much I liked him, and even if he liked me, we both seemed vaguely aware of our differences and that while I was nobility he was just a servant.

I also stretched farther and farther away from Tristen, something that I noticed but didn’t try to fix. Every time he tried to talk to me or a servant informed me that he wanted to see me I just shrugged him away. I probably had much more important things, but I seemed to be forgetting how my brother was on that list as well. Or at least he used to be.


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