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March 19, 2016

I see what you retweet, I see what you post.  I see when you @ me, I see that you're engrossed. I see social media, and now you're a ghost, but I want to see you and that's what matters the most.  140 characters mask our 140 memories made in the span of an hour.  Laughing at our made-up superpowers, I just choked on my chowder, but then I laughed louder.  I was bathing happily in warm water but you poured cold water into the shower... I'll get revenge.  The cliche "friendship never ends" holds true! Unless we have no time to spend, don't look at the trends, so look at my face and tell me I have food on the corner of my lip.  That's what friends do.  Twitter or not they can't mess with us two.


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