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Walk Down the Street

March 19, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

Walk down the street
Just to observe.
Look at the well-dressed adults
Hurrying, breakfast in hand, to work.
Look at the children at the bus stop
Chattering and wearing the newest fads.
Look at the cars speeding down the road,
And imagine the people inside.

This is what I see.

A man in a suit walks my way,
His hair is combed back, he grasps
A cup of coffee in his hand
Like a lifeline.
He seems buried in thought, but as he
Passes me, he catches my eye
And smiles.

A mother walks by next,
She is dressed in work clothes too,
Speaking on the phone to a doctor
About her child's health.
Clean and sharply dressed, she still gives 
Off an aura of stress and hurry, her eyes
Dart to and fro, then they find mine
And she smiles.

These people, they do not know me.
They smile anyway. Our eyes meet
As friends' would.

Walk down the street
Just to observe.
And when you see people walk by
Catch their eyes
And smile.

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