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Food and Drink - Cultural Determination?

June 19, 2019

    Food is a big part of culture, whether it's homemade sweets, freshly harvested veggies, greasy fast food, or any number of other unique and exciting cuisine specialties.  Here, we take a look at some of the iconic foods from different cultures in the world I am creating. 
    For some, spices and herbs are a part of everyday life.  For others, they are a luxury, barely ever present in their cooking.  But for this village, hidden deep in the dry fields of the Featherbrush, these rare flavorings and luxurious scented plants are a necessary part of survival.  Surrounded by the Briargate, the small village of Lavender Springs relies on traditional offerings and spells to keep the Briarhearts, a tribe of people from the Briargate who pillage and destroy unprotected land, at bay.  At other times, the herbs and spices the people of Lavender Springs add to food and drink can have healing potential, along with many other magical properties, such as temporary enhancements of senses, among other effects.  For those who live in Lavender Springs in the heart of the Featherbrush, spices and herbs they collect and put in their food and drink can make the difference between life and death.  
    Honey.  Whether it's melted into tea to help a sore throat, drizzled over toast for a sweet snack, or just hardened into candy, many cultures on earth incorporate this sweet substance found in honeycombs into their food, drinks, or other products that are used regularly in everyday life.  And the people of Sweet Haven on the side of Black Mountain are no exception.  Honey is their main export, and while they ship tons of it every day to other places on the continent, they still have more than enough to share between all the residents of their town.  
    Not many would consider blood a regular inclusion in a person's diet, but the tribe on Blood Island would beg to differ.  While most of the blood they use comes from boars, birds, or other hunted animals, the dead also play a role in the food the tribe eats.  On their deathbed, a member of the tribe would tell those around them how they want to be honored after their death.  While some prefer to be cast out to sea, burned, or buried, most people of the tribe decide that they want to contribute to the survival of their fellow people, as they did in life.  We may find the idea of eating a deceased loved one repulsive and sick, but in the tribe of Blood Island, it's considered an honor, as it's the dead's way of giving back to the community that treated them well and took care of them in life. 
    While most of the foods and cultures we think of are only on earth, we forget those that come from our own minds and imaginations.  If you can think it, it's real enough to remember and honor.  This is a tribute to a land far away, where people of thorns threaten meek people of the gentle fields and dry breezes, a vertical town clings to the side of a steep mountain, and the dead are honored by being used to further the survival of the tribe.  Remember, just because we don't see it, doesn't make it any less real. 


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