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Things Wish Were and Weren't Real/True

March 10, 2015


Thing I wish were Real/True

1. Telaportation - You could telaport anywhere you wanted to and you wouldn't have to use gas/oil. You would have to waste no time getting somewhere and always be on time.

2. World Peace - The world would have no wars and we would all just be friends and help each other. The wold would be at peace.

3. Flying - You could fly anywhere kinda like telaportation but you could just fly around and look around. You just enjoy the world how it is and injoy the nice breeze in you face.

4. Shape Shifting - You could shape shirt into any kind of form or animal. You could shape shift into soemthing that would help you in your environment. You could also be really good at Hide and Seek XD.

5. Pegasi, Unicorn, and Alicorns - You could use any of these amazing kinds of horses. You could fly on the pegasus and teach your incorn how to cast magic. It be so cool. {My Little Pony come to like XD}

6. Naure Spirits - Nature Spirits could help protect nature. You could also become friends with Nature Spirit. They could really help the world.

7. Dragons - We could train dragon *cough...How To Train Your Dragon...cough* to do awesome trick. Dragons could also help cook thing (You could teach one to be a master griller). The dragon could also help you get to places and protect you and others from danger. 

8. Wizards and Witches - You yourself could learn to be a witch or wizard or you could be friends with one. You or you friends could cast spells to help others and the planet.

9. Time Machines - Time Machines could help us go back in time and be able to stop bad things from happening or maybe just go back a few hundred years and plant some trees.

10. Fairies - Fairies could help you with any problem that you may have. There could also be sertain kinds of fairies that do sertain things.

Thing I wish were not Real/True

1. Famine

2. Hunger

3. Sickness

4. Global Warming

5. Depression

6. Sadness

7. Disabilities

8. Stress

9. Distrust

10. Hate


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