A Breath Into Silence

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Saturn - god of time
Mercury - protector of travelers
Pluto - god of the underworld
Neptune - god of the seas
Jupiter - god of storms
Uranus - ancient god of the sky
Mars - god of war

Mars beats his war drums ----- I left you behind in the castle on the hill

May 13, 2019


    Close your eyes, don't look at our
travesty of an ending, buried six feet under the inkwells
we so foolishly substituted for our voices.
    And turn away, close your ears,
ignore the shouts echoing from men with black-hole mouths and
women with eyes that burn into your heart;
I will hold my funeral now, and this is my elegy written by
pain and heartache just like it was always meant to be.
        My dearest, I --
    not from me, but from you;
words echo hollowly down the halls of my heart
where the left aorta now stands unfulfilled,
and won't you let me go? bury me with the ghosts
    This was my choice to make, and I pulled the plug;
we will not watch the world fall down around us together
because I have placed you safely with the stars in your eyes;
glitter brightly in the night sky
so that you are my final vision of this world.
        Together, we'll go--
    I shake my head; we must not break together,
I will be the porcelain bowl dropped onto concrete floors a thousand times over. 
    The only thing to hear is the shattering bones
for they have silenced the war drum of my heart

Wow, part 7?!?! Time flies! (Actually, I'm just on an inspirational streak right now) This is from Ash's perspective.

If you want the rest of the parts of this (honestly really disjointed) narrative.....
Links to the previous parts of the series:  
    Part 1: It turns out Saturn is beautiful after all ----- but I've run out of words to describe it 
    Part 2: Mercury burns brightest in the sky ----- you told me it would be so   
    Part 3: Somewhere in the Solar System, Pluto mourns ----- the words we want to say get stuck in our throats [NOT TRANSLATED]   
                Somewhere in the Solar System, Pluto mourns ----- the words we want to say get stuck in our throats [TRANSLATED]  

    Part 4: We whisper tales of Neptune's exploits ----- sometimes the stories we tell sound better than the truth   
    Part 5: Jupiter shakes his fist ----- the storm begins to brew on the horizon
    Part 6: Uranus wishes to cast away his omnipresence ----- we resolve to change the end of this story

We're nearing the end.... two more pieces to write! I'll post a piece with ALL of the parts once I finish.


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