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My name is James Thomas, and I have been writing since about 6th grade. I enjoy writing, reading, and drawing, and I am looking to get myself officially published.

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In the realms where reality and mythology collide, there exists a creature known as a Vampire - a Child of the night.

Of Wolves and Vampires

March 19, 2016


        Nobody knows the exact origin of Vampires, but everyone agrees on one concept : all Vampires must consume blood in order to survive. Yet not all Vampires are evil. Indeed, some Vampires are able to overcome their lust for blood, but the number of these is far and few between, usually just a couple handfuls of Vampire clans, or Covens.      
       The first group of Vampires - the Moroi - is capable of magic. This magic is elemental, usually one of the elements : Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. A fifth element, Spirit, also exists; however, a Vampire with this element is VERY rare, though not unusual. The only way to tell if a Moroi's magic is Spirit is if he has not developed at the same time as his peers, OR if said Vampire develops after he should have had he been a late bloomer.Of all the Vampires that use elemental magic, Spirit users are by far the most dangerous. A Spirit user is the only Vampire who is able to visit people in their dreams, heal those who are hurting, create charms to calm people (provided it is real silver that is being charmed), disguise themselves, and even use compulsion. Unfortunately, the Spirit element has dangerous side-effects as well, which include rages that make a person more mad than they seem. Of all the elements, only Spirit has side-effects.
      The second category of Vampires is known as the Strigoi. The Strigoi (the word keeps the same form regardless of the number of Vampires) is the traditional stereotype of Vampires : Dark, Silent, Deadly. Strigoi are the evil souls of the dead that haunt the countryside. Strigoi are love the blood of a human, and will stop at nothing to get it. 
       Finally there is the Dhampir. Dhampirs are the offspring of Vampires and humans, and have all to most of a grown Vam- pire's powers with few to no disadvantages. Since most Dhampirs reject their Vampire blood, they often became extremely successful Vampire hunters. This was often due to their advanced abilities. However, despite their help to the humans, Dhampirs were continually rejected because they were still Vampire. Therefore, Dhampirs almost always spent their life as nomads, rejected by Vampires and humans alike - humans due to the Dhampir's Vampire nature, and Vampires due to the Dhampir's weakness. The Dhampirs are responsible for protecting the Moroi, especially Moroi royalty. 
        On the other end of the scale is the Werewolf. Werewolves and Lycans have existed for just as long as Vampires. In fact, the two groups have been at each other throats for centuries, often times quite literally. Though Lycans and Were-wolves belong to the same family, the Lycan is a more advanced species of Werewolf that can control their transformation, and are not just subject to the full moon. Unlike Lycans, a Werewolf does not completely govern it's own change, as it is forced to change at every full moon. Werewolves usually have heightened senses, and seem to draw humans in with a kind of pheromone, and once he or she changes, the Werewolf runs the risk of having the animal within take complete control.    While a Werewolf is abnormally strong, there are four things that can prove to be his own undoing : (1) Silver bullets, (2) the bite of a Vampire, (3) another Werewolf, and (4) a plant known as Wolfsbane. 
   So, be careful of your friends and who you are with. You never know who you may be talking to....


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