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I'm so tired


May 12, 2019


Everything is cliche and used. 
Our youth is depressed and bored because there is nothing new.
Everything we try to create has already been done. 
What's the point? 

So we waste ourselves on pointless pains and distractions.
Our youth laid to waste and bodily destruction.
We hurt ourselves, because that's what's new. 

Why are there new fads and trends every summer?
Because at least that's new. 
What I have a passion for, what you have a passion for, it's all been done and said before.
Why must I waste my time writing and relaying something someone else has already said a thousand times before me.
Is my interpretation that valuable?
It will become lost and forgotten before it was ever found. 

Even this poem is a negative thing, because I'm not really making a positive change. 
I'm just relaying the sad tune of our bored and devastate generation. 
If I can't be original with my expression, I'll just become a radical. 



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