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Summer Nostalgia

May 12, 2019


Spring time is slowly drifting.
Pretty much gone.
My allergies won't stop. 

But one thing that makes it all so nice, is the long summer nights, with warm breezes,
I can look out upon sweet green fields and watch the wind blow the grass blades, the flowers, and watch bees buzz by. 
It's like a dream.
Jam packed with nostalgia. 

I plant my gardens with the hot sun beating on my back.
Hours role by and the flowers begin to set in place. 
It's a completely different kind of life to watch and gaze upon with affection for its beauty. 

So peaceful and sweet,
I almost forget all the other things around me, because here I am, right now in this moment.
I am fully submerged, just like the roots of my plants. 
I am alive within it all. 
I don't need to worry about anything else, just my moment by moment summer evening. 


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1 Comment
  • Lululove

    I love the description with the use of everyday language, it sounds so beautiful and free.

    over 1 year ago