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My first ever writing contest !!! I am sooooooo exited!!!

July 12, 2019


 Hello everyone! 

so I am always entering contests ,i never found one that was just right for me ,so i decided to create my own contest.

Theme , write about someone special in your life or a really special dream.
( you can also write about someone made up as long as it reflects someone special in your real life)

Be as cheesy as you want ,just be yourself,maybe you need to write about something or someone right now .Express yourself this is a judge free zone .

IF you want to enter an entry ,please do so by July 14 winners will be announced July 18. 

Prizes !!!

1st place, 1 new follower (me), 5 peer reviews ,up to 10 likes on any piece .

2nd place, 1 new follower (me), 3  peer reviews ,up to 6 likes on any piece.

3rd place 1 new follower (me) ,1 peer review ,up to 4 likes on any piece. 

If you have any questions please leave a comment below,i would be happy to answer anything.

Thanks !!! :)

(This is my second time posting this contest the first time everyone was doing finals and stuff so i think by now everyone has rested and has officially become bored soo here goes again )

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