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I'm Paula a young 13 year-old hopeful writer from Virginia, I hope to one day have a career in writing but for now, this will do. Most of my writing is inspired by everyday feelings and experiences, and trust me I am full of memories and emotions.

My first ever writing contest !!! I am sooooooo exited!!!

May 12, 2019


Hello everyone! 

so I am always entering contests ,i never found one that was right for me ,so i decided to create my own contest.

Theme , write about someone special in your life or a really special dream. Be as cheesy as you want ,just be yourself and maybe you need to write about something right now .Express yourself this is a judge free zone .

IF you want to enter an entry ,please do so by May 21, winners will be announced May 24. 

Prizes !!!

1st place, 1 new follower (me), 5 peer reviews 

2nd place, 1 new follower (me), 3  peer reviews 

3rd place 1 new follower (me) ,1 peer review 

If you have any questions please leave a comment below,i would be happy to answer anything.

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