A Breath Into Silence

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Message to Readers

I just want to thank anybody who's reading this series! It really means a lot to me! <3 You guys are the best!

If I had to describe this piece's style, it would be somewhere between a "Rashomon" format and a single stream of consciousness.

Uranus wishes to cast away his omnipresence ----- we resolve to change the end of this story

May 13, 2019


It begins in the night, under the light of the moon

The moon is rising, slowly, his eyes winking open to stare down at the quiet land below. He yawns, not entirely awake yet. The Sun, that good beautiful golden Sun, shakes him awake--

She sinks below the horizon, her eyes already drooping down. The Sun is tired, now, after yet another day reigning in the sky. It is time for the Moon to reign. She wishes to keep watch over the creatures of the Earth a little longer, but she can never stay awake.

The Sun sinks below the horizon; the Moon rises to take her place.

For a time, it is peaceful. The wind whistles across the landscape, rustling the trees and sweeping the fields. But suddenly it encounters something it does not expect--

The creatures of the wood are caught off guard when the wind comes up short before the two humans. Curious, they raise their heads from sleep, scent the air--

And the wind tiptoes past on hurried feet, eager not to disturb the peace. But it is the wind, carrier of scents and sounds and voices, and so it cannot help but overhear the sobs--

But it is the fireflies, flitting about the humans, who catch sight of the tears. They flutter down, marvelling at themselves vainly in the relections cast by the water droplets. Their wings whisper out conversations of meaningless curiosity. One firefly alights on the crying one's head, unsure of the hair's rough bleached texture.

The two stand, embracing, in the midst of the forest. And the forest stirs, uncertain.

The grass rubs against itself, unsure of what is happening--

The crickets, hiding among the blades, creak out a story of one-who-sings and one-who-stands. They aren't entirely sure how the melody goes, but they know it has happened before. They are the orchestra, and this one-who-sings is the soloist; the rest of the forest regularly accuses the crickets of vanity and it is right, but they can take backseat for this one--

And the grass sighs, for now it remembers these two, and their boots. Under these humans, the grass bows down. It knows, it remembers. These two have come before. The crickets have sung this song to them before.

The wind embraces the humans before leaving on its way.

The Moon watches them, watches the shadows they cast on the ground. The forest has told him of them, before, and he has seen them, before. He wishes it would make this moment hurt less, to have lived it before--

The humans whisper to each other, and they hurt and fix themselves and one-who-sings wipes tears from their brow. And one-who-stands acts as a pillar, pushing the other up. When they leave, they leave holding each other's hands--

And when it comes time for dawn, the Moon sinks down again with a heavy heart. He cannot bring himself to tell the Sun of these two, not yet. He knows she would not wish to know. But he knows, he knows, he knows this cannot go on--

And as one-who-sings slides back into the house they cannot breathe in, they know what the Moon knows, too. 

The time is coming for a change. 

That morning, the storm clouds draw across the sky. And Uranus, god of the sky, weeps because he knows what the Moon knew, what the Sun wished to never hear of. What the wind treated so carefully, what the creatures of the wood have scented in the air. What the grass has felt, what the fireflies have caught in those tears, what the crickets sing every time.

This time, there will be no free happy ending.


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  • Lovegood_24

    I know I already said this, but these are soooooo gooooood! :)

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