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The magic of bread

By: Johanna Marie

No matter in which part of the world you are, you'll find that bread always is a part of any traditional meal out there. Even if it's often seen as nothing but a garnish, in many cultures, it's much more than that. In fact, French people love their baguette so much that (weak spoiler alert!) Harry Potter isn't defeating Voldemord with a "wand" a "Zauberstab" or a "varita magica"...No, he is using his "baguette magique", no joke. But I mean if you think about it bread really is magical.  
It has been feeding the world population for ages now. Funny to think about when you consider that the discovery of loaf was just a happy mistake. 

In my home country, Germany, bread is not just bread: bread is holy. There are a hundred different kinds due to the diversity of grains and wheat here. Luckily so, considering its advantages that make bread to a perfect comestible. Bread is nutritious, healthy, cheap and tasty. So, like many other Germans, I eat great bread almost every day. And therefore, didn't realize what a big part of my home-countries eating behaviour bread takes until I went to the UK for a week. Don't get me wrong, the Brit's do have amazing food. It is just that their eating behaviour is different from what I was used to. None the less, the saying "...the greatest thing since sliced bread" is a widely used English phrase. Hence, they sure don't underestimate the worth of it.  

Luckily so, looking at the 795 million people worldwide who sadly, still don't have enough to eat. That's why you should always be thankful for any meal, religious or not. Whether in a moment of tasting an amazing meal or the momentary lack of food that makes your tummy grumble but afterwards smile. 
My last I'm-so-thankful-for-this-piece-of-bread-moment was probably only 2 hours ago. Now, picture me in front of the tv, sitting on the couch and casually eating a piece of garlic bread that was left over from dinner. Dumbledor's dead (Harry Potter is great inspiration), I can't find the will to stand up from my comfy spot on the sofa and the news come on. So the reporter with the slightly over-top make up tells me that there are millions of kids starving in Africa. I stop chewing for a second. Should I stop eating now and spit out what's in my mouth? Or rather appreciate my food now more than ever before? I still haven't picked up the chewing again. I wait for another second as if there is someone coming around to tell me what to do. But what shall I do? Eventually swallowing the dough in my mouth, I decide for the latter. Feeling terrible, I finished the rest of the garlic bread. And wonder: Does everyone who's got enough food feel like that once in a while? And if so, why are so many people dying from obesity while others still have to starve while waiting for their death of malnutrition? The answer is simple: We don't break bread enough. Perhaps it's selfishness, unawareness or even an "It doesn't make a difference anyway" attitude. But then again, where would we be if people wouldn't have ever believed in their voices?  There are tons of organizations which would be able to provide everyone with food, would they have enough money, people and liberties. Looking at "bread for the world", a widely known organization that provides people with food it's obvious what the goal is. And once again, what bread can stand for. The organization takes care of around 650 projects in 77 countries worldwide. And is only one of thousand institutions that fight against hunger. 
Please consider, that not everyone was born in an area of the world that provides food you can actually grow yourself successfully. Large parts in Africa are simply too dry for any kind of planting. And no, that's not fair, not fair at all. But with all we have, I'm positive everyone could get a piece of bread if we learn how to share properly. No matter, if it's through an organization, a world-changing idea or a less wasteful way of living and eating. 

If you think about it bread should be plain: salt, water, flour and yeast. That's all it takes for a loaf of bread. But then again, it's not plain at all. It's not because we make it complicated. Though there is absolutely no need for that, break your bread the next time you get to taste it -and feel the magic. Please remember, there has to be much more done then what is done now regarding famine worldwide. Donate, brake and appreciate.

Message to Readers

Be kind, honest and yourself. xx

Peer Review

Before reading your piece, I had never thought about bread like this before. The perspective you take is extremely unique. I love how you stay constant with the topic of bread, and utilize it in so many ways. You talk about the how bread is a staple in any country, about breaking bread, and even tied it into your country's culture. Amazing work!

The way you introduced your essay sets the scene for how bread is important in any culture. You mention specifically how bread is important in German culture, and in French culture. Then, you take it a step further to comment on how we don't "break bread enough." I loved the references you used, such as "...the greatest thing since sliced bread," or "breaking bread." This brings language the readers are familiar with into play when discussing your topic.

Maybe provide more information on "Bread for the World" in case the reader wants to get involved.

Yes, definitely! I love the way you begin. In the first paragraph, there might be some sentences that you could make clearer and easier to read, just so that the into is a bit crisper. For example, maybe take out some of the contractions (it's, you'll) to improve clarity.

The way you walk through the story and topic is phenomenal, and the way you describe and write about something as simple as bread is truly incredible. Amazing piece! I will never look at bread the same way again!

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