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April 24, 2020


   April sat at her desk, holding her sandwich up to her lips. The sun beamed through the window, its rays blinding and distracting. Her gaze was on the outside world. Watching her classmates talking with one another on the playground. High school was hard to make friends. Especially if you were a new girl who couldn't speak.

   "Are you sure you don't want to hang out with the other girls, honey?"

   Miss Aniston suggested, a kind smile on her face. She felt sorry for April, of course she did. April hated people pitying her. She felt helpless, vulnerable, and alone. But the last thing she needed was sympathy. 

   Yes, Miss Aniston offered every lunchtime to sit with April, if she had no one else to be with. Being with this teacher was the loneliest feeling in the world, for April. Miss Aniston talked. She talked a lot. April figured she didn't have many friends either. She lived by herself and spent little time with the rest if the staff. And, when lonely people finally have someone to talk to, they could talk for hours in end.

   But it didn't go both ways. Being mute means that you can't respond. You can't contribute to any conversation. You can't answer a question in class. You can't tell teachers to shut their gobs, April thought to herself, then sighed. No, she thought again, it is wrong to think that of a kind teacher. April knew better than to take her mental anger out on a teacher who is blissfully unaware of her students overwhelming boredom. 

   So April shook her head in response to her teacher and her melancholic gaze drifted back to the playground.

   All the girls in April's class huddled up together, some on their phones, and some doing each others hair. All of them together; they looked so very happy. It was a nice day afterall. April reckoned one of them brought a picnic, so all of them could enjoy their lunchtime in the sun. A blanket was spread out on the glowing grass, and they all managed to fit on it. If there was one person extra, then it would be too crammed. They were all talking to one another, and laughing. 

   April gave a huff through her nose. Having no friends meant she had a lot of (lonely) free time. She read book after book that her Mother generously brought for her. April liked romance books the most. Romance books gave her a sense of hope; that true love is real, and that love makes everything better. But the characters would talk to each other first, building a relationship through speaking and bonding, getting to know one another and seeing what their personalities are like. Do you have a personality if you can't speak? 

   People thought April to be shy. Just because someone doesn't speak, that doesn't mean they are shy! Maybe they are just saving their breath for someone more important. April knew she wasn't shy. She had a fierce personality. She wasn't confident. Can you be confident if you don't have friends? She was vubrant and spirited and tried down-to-earth. Or, at least that is what she thought she was like in her head.


   The bell rang for everyone to come inside, back into class. April watched as the classroom was soon swarmed with her classmates, chattering away, making prolonged noises and sounds, until they were hushed by Miss Aniston. But still, there was constant whispering in the back of the class.

   How do people view me? April wondered to herself. As the feeble, awkward girl at the corner of the class and sat right on the edge of her seat? A girl who should be homeschooled, because she doesn't fit into the norms of society and can't socialise? 

   April's heated rant, that existed only in her head, was interrupted by someone arriving late to class. Her eyes fluttered lightly upwards towards the door, where a boy was standing. 

   He had fluffy, swept back hair, messy hairs sticking out as an unfinished fringe. His school attire was sloppy, as if he had come late for school altogether, or that he had slept in his school clothes. Green eyes pierved through every girls soul, though they all were pretending not to pay attention. 

   "Sorry I'm late, Miss."

   His voice husky, low, holding both attitude and confidence. It wasn't heavy, but light, like each word was a feather, or a lick of whipped cream. April felt her cheeks go warm.

   "Sit down, Lukas. You'll make up for your lost time after school."

   Miss Aniston responded, quickly and bluntly. Lukas shrugged, and smoothly made way to his desk. He caught eyes with April, who was staring with a red face, and gave her a sneeky sidewards grin, before sitting down.

   What exhausting embarrassment! April felt like her head was going to explode, and she felt dizzy. I have never been so shy and speechless before in my life! April gulped down her water, before realising her awful choice of words, and rolling her eyes.

   Her cheeks weren't the only thing that started to burn. Her ears did too. She almost turned around when she knew someone was talking about her! But she refrained from making a scene. Instead, she listened closely.

   "Hey, who's the new girl?"

   Was that Lukas? April knew he was referring to her, and continued to gulp down her drink; she felt suddenly dehydrated.

   "Oh, her name is April. She can't speak."


   Tears gushed into April's eyes, and she covered her face with her hair, so no one could see her humiliation. Her hands shook as she placed her water bottle down on her desk. 

   Of course, April shuddered and thought, Just another person who takes little interest in me. Just another person who pities me, and nothing more. She felt her heart thud inside her head. Her breath quickened. She wanted the floor to open up and swallow her whole.

   But little did she know that Lukas was still looking at her, intrigued, rather than disgusted or indifferent.

   "How interesting."

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  • The Dreamer

    That was so cute. I loved the build up of the scene and the tension. I hope you write more. I would really like to read it!

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    Please as soon as possible because I'm dying.I need the rest of the story.I have already fell in love with Lukas.And April is a great character too:)
    Sorry I talk too much.

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  • Happy butterfly

    Ahhhhhh!!! This is so good.Well done,its very well written.Its a great idea and such acute story!Please write another chapter...Actually write a whole book!!!I'll read all of it:)

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    This is so good! I hope you write more, I really enjoyed reading it :))

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    This is fantastic! Love it :)

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    I love this it's so good! You should definitely continue it.

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    So good!

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  • bride124

    PLEASE CONTINUE! Lukas and April seem so bonded (even though they just met each other!) April DESERVES happiness!

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    Love this!! Please continue! :D

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    Oh my gosh!!! This is so amazing! I was so caught up in the story that I sort of just stared at my phone, confused that it ended. You should definitely continue this! This could definitely be made into a book. Bravo!

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