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Hailey Duggirala

United States

I set my eyes heavenward but all I saw was sky. I guess you could say writing is my salvation, my lense, or any of countless metaphors- God knows I've used them all. My name is Hailey, and I hope someday I write something that changes your life.

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Don't go too far

March 18, 2016


0. they didn't give us any warning. were they supposed to? All I know is that it's dark where I am. Dark, and cold. Silent. I've never been anywhere so empty.
1. I thought I saw a light, but it was only an illusion. There is no light. I'm starting to wonder if there is such thing? Am I only imagining how the spring sun drew daisies from the frozen ground? Is there anything else but this cursed, eternal dark?
2. I think it has been two days, though I have no way of knowing. It couldn't have been more than four, surely, for I am not yet dying of thirst. 
3. I am very afraid. I am grasping at the edge, holding on to memories, but I cannot imagine a world outside this prison. 
4. Here there is not only darkness; here too is insanity. I'm afraid I have found it. 
5. My mother took me to the river as a child. 
6. She used to let me wade into the cool water, chubby toddler legs disturbing the muddy depths. 
7. If I waded too far in, she would call me back.
8."Don't go too far-for you will never find your way back."
9. It's too late now, too far. I've gone too far and now
                                            I can't
                                                come home.
                                                    I think I see a light. 


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