United States

Where I Truly Belong

March 18, 2016

After fighting tooth and nail, after turning my back on someone I once called a mother, a friend, after having been regressed to my deepest, darkest fears and insecurities, after deciding what I wanted, after seeing the evils in my life for what they truly were, after finally telling her I couldn't do it anymore, after giving every reason I could as to why I couldn't stay anymore, after telling her that I couldn't trust him, after putting too many people into too many compromising positions, after seeing what it had done to a family I once knew, after a parade, after hesitation, after decision, after courage, after taking that final step towards what I could finally call a life, after throwing away all the weight that had bared down on my shoulders since the tender age of nine, I at last arrived at my home, where I truly belong, where I could finally live that life I was always meant to live.


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  • March 18, 2016 - 8:32pm (Now Viewing)

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