I'm a strange girl with an insane love for worlds that don't exist, poetry, summer winds and sour candy.

Monochrome Hearts

May 10, 2019


Kari had dysmorphophobia. Kari also hated that she did, and hated the fact that so many people didn't even know the word, leave alone know how to pronounce it.
Simply put, she hated her body. 
Kari didn't like what she saw when she looked at the mirror. There was always a flaw she could find. An imperfection, a hip dip, a double chin, skinny fingers. It was like while she was being built someone put all the wrong pieces together.
Kari's world was, metaphorically, black and white. Colourless, lifeless, repetitive, and sometimes she wished she could slip away into another reality.
She hated how much she felt emotions. If a regular person's capacity to feel was a whisper, her's was a scream. And screams were painful to hear.

Devon had achromatopsia. When he opened his eyes each day, he saw nothing but greys. His heart yearned to see this thing they called colour- they said it made everything brighter. 
He was made of forgotten dreams, and was armed with nothing but a head full of stories. One look at his smile made everything worth it. 
Devon's world was, literally, black and white. But it was so full of life. Devon was a summer breeze, the feeling of grass tickling bare feet.
He loved how he felt things, so wholly and profoundly. How his every emotion was somehow amplified. Such a spectrum his mind was.

And Devon never really believed it would happen, but one day, he fell in love at first sight.


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