The name's Zodie! I like to write prose and essays sometimes. Do not give me any kind of criticism unless I ask. They/them.
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I'm not a writer. I'm just someone who happens to wield words with the needles of my thoughts. I like sentences and fancy lyrics; and even if they juggle and become either dust or bread under my hands, I am still no writer.


May 10, 2019


This is for the romantic, the mawkish, the banal, the ideal, the lyrical, the melodic. You peek through the keyhole, enamored of the art of sin and lust and pure pleasure. Poetry is the product of a nihilist’s mind, birthed from the womb of an agnostic in beauty and is the same enemy of Roman annihilation, a treacherous literature inappropriate for the innocent.
The timelessness of Dorian Gray’s charm is not on par with Basil Hallward’s passion; and so it is with words and you. You think that poetry is just an anthology of love, a potpourri of zealous devotion. That is false. Taken from the ribs of Eve, its essence is substantial, like the matinal sunshine, a morning kiss on the cheek. But it’s still a curse; an omen so vague and casted so sotto voce that people don’t realize its diabolical aspects behind its scenic, seductive nature.
Taciturn grass and talkative oceans, both speak fluently in the language of poems and proses, but are too terrified to admit the tyranny, the indecency, the utter immorality. Antagonize poetry the same way you antagonize women and rosy thorns. Make it your Nemesis, make it your enemy, make it an eye-opener to this cruel truth, to this significant reality that will surely quake each and every heavens.
Lick the nectar of the tree of knowledge, drink from the petrichor of insolent gods, but never indulge yourself in poetry, never become a poet.
Inspired by Eleanor Clark's "Fountains".


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