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A high school writer looking to improve her writing and get feedback. A fan of fragments and commas,,,

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I post semi-frequently depending on when I get inspiration. I like to include a lot of imagery and sensory detail, so be prepared for that if you give my stuff a read. :P

After the Sunrise

March 18, 2016

After the last winter snow melted away, after the snowdrops sprouted and bloomed and wilted, after the grass turned green again, after the first buds appeared on the trees, after the leaves burst into life in vibrant green hues, after the birds came home and started to sing, after the first hint of warmth was carried on the breeze, after the sun rose over a world full of new beginnings, it had to set on a world full of frozen endings. 
The passage full of run-on sentences and springtime- that is how I describe this. 


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