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Hello to my reader, from a large nerd. I'm a fan of all things Marvel, but I still appreciate all the work DC has put into their movies. I currently play alto sax, and I'm teaching myself to play clarinet. I am working on four different novels/series, one of which I'm writing with my best friend. I love the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter universes. I also listen to WAY too many soundtracks. My favorite artists are TobyMac, Capital Kings, and Owl City. Oh, and I also love everything Hamilton, The Phantom of the Opera, The Greatest Showman, and Dear Evan Hansen. If you don't know this already, God loves you with all his heart. No matter what you've done or how horrible you think you are, he cares for you. Have a great day!

The Boy in the Creek

May 9, 2019


The moon is halfway through the sky. High enough to shine some light, but the size of the moon is very small. Too small. You grip the leash of your large dog, a German Shepard. You check that your headlamp is secured. You look into the darkness ahead of you, that in daylight, is a pleasant trail. At nighttime, though, anything and everything happens. You swear you see eyes glinting in the canopy of trees ahead of you. You swallow. It was a stupid mistake to walk your dog this late at night, but well, you were here now. There is no turning back, not when the dog hasn’t been out for a walk for a while. And you haven’t either.
You look down at your dog who is pulling on the leash. It’s time to go onto the foreboding trail. You walk slowly, carefully not making a sound. It’s hard to know what exactly are in this little expanse of wooded area. You step on something hard, making a loud crunching sound. You lift your foot carefully and look down at it so the light from your headlamp reflects off the object. A blue and silver beer can crushed from being walked over or stomped into the ground to clear the evidence of underage drinking. A cigarette butt lies directly next to it. You shudder and continue walking. As you continue along the trail, you notice the creek to the side. If only there was a way to get closer to it. You look down at your German Shepard. He is panting. And you should probably get there soon, for your dog is thirsty.
You find a small dirt trail off the main trail, leading down to the creek. The water reflects the sliver of the moon. You can see the small rocks at the bottom of the creek shifting because of the slight current. You pull your dog towards the creek bed. Your dog won’t move, and it starts growling. You look up to see someone standing in the middle of the creek. A young boy, not much older than you, as you are eleven years old. He is as pale as a vampire and wears all black. He stares at you with such an intensity that you have the sudden urge to run. You look at his feet, embedded in the silt and rocks on the floor of the creek. No shoes. That means he won’t chase you, right? You turn and run away as fast as you can. You still feel his gaze and your pace slows as you reach the beginning of the trail. You walk home slowly, your dog following you and whining. As you walk in your front door, you still feel the sensation that the pale, vampire-like boy is still watching you. And as you fall asleep, your eyes closing, his eyes still bore holes into you, burning and leaving a mark that will not fad anytime soon.
I plan on this becoming a little mini-series of random stories written in the second person based on creepy nighttime ventures that people I know have gone on, and a few that I've gone on myself (these are going to be highly exaggerated and not extremely accurate,though). I think it will be called Night Horrors: Short Stories from a Small Town. If you've got any creepy stories to share, add them to the comments below and I'll try to incorporate it into a short story or two.


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