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School Web Filter

March 18, 2016

    Do you get mad when you try to go on an social media site, and the school blocked it? Here’s some facts about this school’s web filters. District 624 needs to change their policy on what they block on our school chromebooks, so we can use social media, and other things, as long as they are appropriate.
I believe that the isd624 district should unblock some sites we go on, because they aren’t inappropriate. It is stated by NEA Today that, “It is used to block illegal, or offensive websites.” NEA’s point is that school’s filtering websites is only supposed to be used for inappropriate, and illegal websites. This means that the school only has the rights to block things that us as middle schoolers shouldn’t see. This shows that we could use things like Netflix (if appropriate) and other websites, like games, or social media. So we as students have a right to watch stuff like this, as long as it’s appropriate.
I used to play games on my chromebook more often, until they all got blocked, isd624 should change their policy, as some proof. Another statement by NEA today was that “It is inaccurate to assert that your state requires your school to use an Internet filter. In fact, your school could choose not to implement filtering measures. Most likely, your school has filtered Internet access because the district believes it is in the best interest to do so.” This means that the school doesn’t even have to use web filters if we can handle a chromebook without using anything Terrible on it. They did block games that weren’t bad though, such as Super Smash Flash 2. As evidence that they can’t trust us though is that I’m not sure but someone said someone was watching something bad on their phone in class one day. If we do things like this they have a reason to block a lot of stuff we use on our phones or our accounts.
There are some reasons for schools to have web filters on computers though, but they should still change their web filters. My last bit of evidence, also by NEA today, “Some federal legislation ties school technology funding to the use of Internet filters.” This means that to work with some educational services and other services schools are required to have web filters on their computers. So to take part they need to have these on all computers that are school property, now I don’t know if we have anything to do with those kinds of services, but if we do do we really need to block things like Netflix? Or another thing is just block them at school, than turn off web filters after the school day is over.
    And kids could do things that are really bad on there chromebook, even past using social media. So the school only wants them not to go on places that are inappropriate, or that would be illegal for them to go onto. NEA Today says, “Kids have had reports of going on sites, that school’s could remove computer privileges from them for.” So not all kids can be trusted with such things as personal school computer, such as kids who would do this kind of stuff.
    I never said that they have to unblock anything really bad, but maybe unblock things like games  that we enjoy in our own free time. (as long as it’s appropriate) The fact that schools can’t trust kids to do very much of anything is really sad, and it really sucks for kids that don’t have internet at home. When they block games that people have been playing, that really sucks. One way they can stop this, is just shut off safe search when school gets out on anything that’s not offending.
    So when we go on our chromebooks as long as we are in the requirements of school appropriate things, we should be able to go on any site we want. The school doesn’t have the rights to block them, there is one main fact though, they are their chromebooks. We can choose what to go on, and you can go through history, even deleted stuff as I’ve heard, so, we should be able to use chromebooks for things like Netflix, and other things like that. Which means we should be able to do whatever, as long as we be good.    
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