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argumentitive essay

March 18, 2016

    We decided our target market is school administration. First, there age is about 50 years and are mostly males. They also make about 87,000 dollars yearly this affects how the add will be because we could tell them that it doesn't cost anything. Also if kids are allowed to have gum in school they won’t be threatened to put the gum under the desks. Are service fits this because if we can change the minds of the principals to let the kids chew gum in school.

   Most principals like there kids doing good in school and kids will be able to have less stress and be able to do better in school as a result. The lifestyles of most principals is alought like our because principals make about the same amount of most americans. That is why if we just ask our principals if we can chew gum and show them all the facts  positive effects of chewing gum.

    Our market target lives in MInnesota and the climate at this moment is cold. The weather is mainly sunny, the city size is a pretty good size. We have a lot of schools so we were going to set up our billboard by school.  

    The behaviour of principals is most of the time is very professional so if people acted profession when asking the principal he they would have tendency to maybe lean more in there direction. I also think that kids should especially be able to chew gum on holiday because they are celebrating something that means alot to them.



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