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School Filters Are Too Restrictive

March 18, 2016

       The district blocks many websites that are not even inappropriate. Blocking themes that can be added to google chrome as well as some games and websites for information. The district for grades 6-12 should be a bit less restrictive when it comes to games and having themes for google.                                            
    Themes can show your interests as well as games. Many students agree that some sites that are age appropriate are blocked. The school district does give us freedom and we do have stuff to do during free time. Though some of the web content blocked isn’t even inappropriate. Themes that can be added to google are blocked even the age appropriate themes are blocked.
        It can be hard for teachers to get websites and items in the chrome store unblocked. Sometimes additions that a teacher wants to add are sometimes blocked. Sometimes web filters block a whole website for one word or sentence as the people of “ACLU” .Some sites may not be the best for looking up information but these site can help students learn which sites are reliable and which are reliable sources and which are not says the “New York Times”.
        It’s ok to check a student’s history every once in awhile but they should get some form of notification. Sure you want to know if they have been to inappropriate websites but still let them know once you have checked. Some web sites are inappropriate but, with safesearch students should be pretty safe from inappropriate websites.
        Some websites inappropriate and student might decide to go to them  on purpose . If you unblocked all websites some students might end up going there but it is possible to block the stuff that is inappropriate and keep stuff that is appropriate. You might also be thinking that if you unblocked social websites students might be off task but for some people the internet is the one place they can socialize well because they could be too shy to talk to people in person. “New York Times” even state that educators should be able to add social interactions that are successful  into real assignments in schools.
        Remember that a theme can make the internet browser look better and show what someone’s interests are. Some websites may be block cause of a word or add so be sure to look over what is blocked. It is pretty fair but consider unblocking the appropriate themes and websites. Even if they are not used educationally they can still give people something to do when work is done if they don’t have a device of their own. Student enjoy the freedom of customization and games so don’t limit freedom too much but to where lines are not crossed.


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