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March 18, 2016

Andrew Samrock
Karin Hogen
Language and Literature
November 19, 2015
Online Learning and How it is Useful
Online learning is a valuable asset to students in the modern age and the school district needs to utilize it as much as possible. Using computers prepare kids for jobs a lot better than paper and a pencil. Using Computers also helps kids get engaged during lessons by having what the teacher is talking about on the screen in front of them. Online learning also saves the school money in the long run because with computers, you don’t need physical textbooks.
One reason the district should make use of online learning is that it will save schools money in the long run. A school converted to using chromebooks instead of traditional learning and compared the costs. They found that “One of the major benefits of using Chromebooks is that physical textbooks are no longer necessary. For several years, publishing companies have been converting textbooks to a digital format. By accessing the textbooks through the internet, school districts no longer have to buy hundreds or even thousands of books to issue to each student every year.” The school’s point is that using computers is a lot more cost efficient than buying physical textbooks. This directly proves my point by saying that schools will save a lot of money in the long run. This is important to my claim because the more we utilize online learning, the less amount of textbooks the school needs to buy.
    Another reason White Bear Lake Schools should utilize online learning is it helps students engage with lessons better. When a school converted to online learning, they found that: “When you and I were in school, the teacher might call a few kids up to the chalkboard and have them work a problem or whatever and the teacher can check to see how they’re doing,” said Mayberry. “Now you can have everybody working at their desk on something and the teacher can sit on her computer or his computer, they can look and see how every student is doing. So instead of getting engagement of a few students, you can get all of them engaged.” What they are saying is that lessons easier to follow for students if they have the lesson in front of them on their own screen. This relates to my claim because to have a lesson on their own screen, students will need their own computers.
    My final reason that online learning is beneficial to the district is that it helps students get career ready. In an office and most other workplaces, you use a computer rather than paper and a pencil. Newark schools switched to a more online learning curriculum and found: "Over the past four years, the district has made extensive investments in education technology and professional development to provide our children with an excellent education, These positive institutional changes are giving our young people the tools they need to be college and career ready." They are saying that since using online learning more, they have found that the students have gained more skills to use at their future jobs. This relates to my claim because gaining skills that will help us later in life is extremely beneficial and can be done with online learning.
    The Illinois Online Network says that: “Before any online program can hope to succeed, it must have students who are able to access the online learning environment. Lack of access whether it be for economical or logistics reasons will exclude otherwise eligible students from the course. This is a significant issue in rural and lower socioeconomic neighborhoods.” While this is a drawback, it isn’t enough to prevent online learning. This is because if the school gives each student a computer, they can bring that home to do work. Even if they don’t have internet access at home, they can still access and edit documents, they just won’t be saved until connected to wifi, in which case they would connect to the school’s wifi when they get to school. Students can also use computers at libraries. This supports my claim because the benefits of online learning outweigh the drawbacks.
    In conclusion, the benefits of online learning outweigh the costs. It helps prepare students for future jobs, makes it easier for students to stay engaged with lessons, and it will save schools money in the long run. Online learning is a valuable asset to students in the modern age and the school district needs to utilize it as much as possible.

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  • Hanan Adi

    I am just curious, Andrew: have you ever attended an online school? I have, and I find that there are many more drawbacks than are listed here. For example, instead of the teachers being more attentive of students, they tended to "hide behind the screen" and avoid helping/contacting their students (myself among them). Another thing is the severe headaches from concentrating on a glowing screen several hours a day. A third downside is that note-taking takes longer (a lot longer) when copying from a screen rather than listening to a teacher or highlighting in a book. I also find that remembering information learned online is more difficult in the long term, because it feels less "concrete" than the information in print books or on real paper. Just something you might want to think about. Have a great day.

    about 3 years ago