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Save the Boundary Waters

March 18, 2016

    Do you like the outdoors? Do you like animals? Then help Minnesota save our sacred Boundary Waters! The Boundary Waters is an important part of Minnesota and it's being destroyed by harmful mining chemicals. Minnesota can save our beautiful forests by making it against the law to mine near the Boundary Waters and any where it can hurt our wildlife. So help us take a stand and save our Boundary Waters from the harmful mining industries. 
    The Boundary Waters is an important part of Minnesota, for its one of the most popular state park environments. According to boundarywaterscanoetrip.com “Over 52 species of mammals and 150 species of birds inhabit the BWCA” (Boundary Waters Canoe Area). Plus it houses many plants and animals that are sacred to Minnesotan culture including the Loons, Lady Slipper, and the Pinus Resinosa, which is the Minnesota state tree. 
    The run-off of the chemicals can affect us long term which can lead to polluted drinking water. www.savetheboundarywaters.org said “Pollution from these mines will flow directly into the Boundary Waters. Even conservative models of pollution show that waterways would carry contaminants into the wilderness. A single mine in this watershed will continually pollute the wilderness for at least 500 years,”(www.savetheboundarywaters.org). Letting the mining company's  mine there may lead to an industrial corridor of mines, mills, roads, rail lines, and toxic tailing piles at the edge of the Boundary Waters. Thats why its important to address the problem now and not later because it could lead to years of damage that we may never be able to get back. 
    Although some people may think that Minnesota doesn't need parks and that we need minerals more, but if Minnesota doesn't stop mining and letting harmful chemicals into the Boundary Waters, then we might not have them at all in a few years. Sulfide mining is much more toxic than Minnesota’s taconite mining. It produces giant waste piles that, when exposed to air and water, leach sulfuric acid, heavy metals, and sulfates. Yes, some people may think that the Boundary Waters aren't as important as mining but that's not entirely true. The Boundary Waters provides an amazing place to get away and have fun. Plus the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is America’s most visited wilderness area. And it contains 1 million acres of pristine water and unspoiled woodlands. 
    In conclusion, sulfide mining will hurt the Boundary Waters unless Minnesota takes action to stop it. The BWCA is one of the best things to do in Minnesota. It’s an amazing experience to be one with nature and have fun, but no one can't do that if all the wildlife is dead or ruined and the water is all polluted. Plus the Boundary Waters are way too important to put at risk of  dangerous mining pollution. Minnesota can protect the Boundary Waters by not allowing toxic sulfide mines near the Boundary Waters. All in all, the Boundary Waters are way too important to be ruined by mining pollution so please help us to save Minnesota's sacred Boundary Waters.
Extra Information:
EnvironmentMinnesota.com stated that  “Mining companies are pushing to conduct a toxic new form of mining, called sulfide mining, right next to the Boundary Waters. Runoff from sulfide mining can create toxic sulfuric acid and cause mercury contamination—both of which could flow into the Boundary Waters and pollute this precious area. We need President Obama (or a different president depending on the time this is read) to make sure we don't risk this natural treasure by allowing dangerous sulfide mining in Boundary Waters watershed.”


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