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Y'know, I really hope I can pull off the cool mysterious deep writer persona. That'd be sick.

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Lol sorry I've been going through and making sure only one version of each of my poems are published instead of a million of the same poem, just different drafts, so now I keep editing my old ones. Anyways, if you see this, enjoy it. I always post so late at night no ones on lol.

A Great Friend

January 28, 2020


Do these thoughts belong to me or not?
Am I the torturer, or the tortured? 

All these self inflicted jabs, doubts and fears. 
It suffocates me and cuts off everyone else. 

I am a surface level person.
I float at the top because if I sink any further I will drown. 

All my promises have been broken.
I let myself and those around me down.
When I reached rock bottom, I told myself the only place left to go was up.
It doesn't quite feel that way. 
I just ended up handing myself a shovel.

I've explored the deep dark depths.
Adventure is out there,
But it's long and treacherous journey- struggle.
How am I still standing?
I should still be lost, wandering around my self made labyrinth. 

I feel like a weak, pathetic coward.
But I tell others fighting this same fight that they're strong because they keep going.
Does that make me a liar, or just hypocrite?

Maybe I'm right though...

The truth is to hard. 
Whether I'm right or wrong.

It's so, so heavy. 



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