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I am a trying Junior writer who aspires to be an author when I get older, and I want to share my happiness, as well as my sadness, my works, and my dreams with the world. I joined this website to start to get my ideas out in the world.

Message to Readers

This is some weird loosely structured piece I wrote from boredom. I've had Oh, I'm bleeding stuck in my head all day for some reason. I don't know where this came from, in all honesty. But here it is nonetheless.

What a Shame

May 8, 2019


You've hurt me one too many times
I'm hurt
I can't feel my-
        I'm bleeding

Maybe that's why. 
Blood loss.
That's a shame. 
I pictured a more...
                                Heroic death

But it seems that I was wrong. 
Once again. 
I won't be fooled again.
Why, you may ask?
Because you can't fool me again
                                                   If i'm dead.



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