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White Bear Water By Simon Oslund

March 18, 2016

White Bear Water      By Simon Oslund
The first reason people should take action in trying to keep more water in the lake is because if the water level gets too low recreational use of part of the lake could get taken away. We could get it back but the water levels have to get higher again. As Debra Neutkins said, ”A scows need at least 4 feet of water to safely sail and currently cannot use the southwestern bay between Manitou Island and South Shore Boulevard.”(Debra Neutkins).  In other words a sailboat can not sail with less than four feet of water underneath it. This proves that the water levels of White Bear are getting pretty low. If this is true then people should take action in saving White Bears Water.
    The second reason people should take action in trying to keep water in White Bear Lake is over the summer water levels go down. This is bad because summer is people use the lake for recreational purposes(like skiing and fishing). "People who have lived on the lake their entire life know that it has gone up and down. Fifteen years ago, the water was super high, but people forget about that," Said Fletcher Driscoll. That is, in the past White Bear Lake has changed water level many times. In the 1990’s the lake was very high but that has changed. This declares the lake is getting very low in water level people should lend a hand in saving lake water.
    The last reason people should take action in saving the water in White Bear Lake is Conservation District is very concerned about the water levels of White Bear Lake. This is bad because if the conservation district wasn’t concerned it might not be such a problem as we thought it might be. "The issue of the low water level has become a major concern to the White Bear Lake Conservation District, local communities, businesses, citizens of the region and regional government over the last several years," it read.
District Chairman Jane Harper pointed out that the protected elevation means water appropriations would not be allowed if lake level falls below that number. Just what that means, however, is a gray area. Posted Debra Neutkins. in other words this means the Conservation District and some local communities are concerned that use of the lake could get taken away because the Conservation District made it such a big deal. Therefor people should save White Bear water.
         Debra Neutkins is a very trusted writer. Despite this some people still won’t take in the fact that White Bear Lake has very low water levels. But in the text Mark Sather “Stated the water level usually goes down in the summer but this past summer it has actually gone up.” In making this comment, the Minnesota DNR said that the problem of low water levels in White Bear Lake is overuse of the Prairie Du Chien-Jordan aquifer in the northeast metro area. This shows that the water levels have gone up but are still very low and go down more frequently.
White Bear Lake is shrinking in size like it has before. This time the lake might not make a comeback like it has before. People can help by not using the lake so much and not taking water out of it if you are taking water out. Other than that all we can do is hope that the water is going to make a comeback. If you can help do the best you can.

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