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Message to Readers

Disclaimer: Please do not take this too seriously. I swear I'm fine
This poem really just explains the human nature that we got from when we were nothing but animals
My poem is dark and a bit scary
But I'm always willing to write about what no one else will

The Introverts Cry

May 9, 2019


Books over humans
Poetry over conversation
Silence over friends

No one I know understands these morals

I watch everyone I know play with the world

Everyone I see finds others to share with

How can anyone
Trust another human being
When we're all the same story

There are a few of us who don't show it
Only a few people will actually go the distance it takes
To stay hidden

I am ashamed
I am ashamed of my human background
I am ashamed and embarrassed of all the things my kind has done

We know only pain=power
In wars, in bad time, we resort to pain to get power once it's over

We kill thousands to eventually have control
It's awful
And I am ashamed

Others are ashamed
But only a few

There are certain places
Special clubhouses
You can go
And no one will judge you for your species of a killer human

Humans only know to kill
We kill the animals
We kill the environment
We kill ourselves

There is nothing I can do
To erase my own background
There is nothing I can do
To change into another living creature

Tell me I should be grateful for being born in power
But that's not true
Only a few are in power
Humans will always have power over other humans
No one decides who's in charge expect themselves
Decomcracy is crap

Tell me I'm blessed to be the hunter instead of the hunted
But that's not true
Humans hunt other humans
I'm safe
They say

But I could die at the hands of another human
At any given moment

There are places
I am safe
With other humans
I am safe in small groups of people like me

People like me
Human, but not

Call me what you want
But I hate my own kind
Nothing can erase what we've done
We are the evilest things in the universe
Someone out there, God or whomever, gave us life
And we wasted it
We used it against God or whatever great universal force brought us here

That was a gift
The gift of life is a powerful one
And we used it to kill
Not to give life

I believe 
That life
Is precious

I believe life
Is a great, powerful gift

That humans
Use against each other

If you don't like these words,
If you don't like the truth
Then so be it
Ignore everything I've said here
But just remember:

All humans are out to get each other
The person sitting next to you hates you
There will always be someone who wishes you were dead
Humankind is just a great evil

Everyone is out to get you
But don't worry
The probably won't get you

It'll be to late because you'll already get yourself



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  • Ohyouknow..

    I purple u bro (great poem)
    U nice, keep going!

    11 months ago
  • asteria

    the stanza "how can anyone possibly trust another human being when we're all the same story?" is going to stick with me for a long time. i'll definitely be coming back for more writing from you :)

    about 1 year ago
  • Calling4Rain

    Painfully raw, blunt, and true. Well written.

    about 1 year ago