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Jacob Brown

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March 18, 2016


Jacob Brown
Mrs. Hogen
Language and literature
19 November 2015
Equal Work For Equal Pay
Did you know that women get paid 78 cents for every man's dollar that's stupid because they work just as hard or even harder sometimes than men and still get paid less does  that make any sense? Women and men should be paid for the amount of work they do and not because of other reasons. Plus women make up half the workforce of america and we pay them less.
The first reason that  Women should be payed as much as men is because they do the same amount and quality of work as men but still get payed less. Women make up half of America's workforce and they get paid less so if they stand up and don't want to work for less any more then America would be in trouble. According to Peggy Drexler laws are being made to make equal pay for equal work.
Women should get paid as much as men do because their work is no different than men's is. According to the government  there is an inequality in wages between men and women. This is a big deal because we learned about discrimination in history and yet we are dealing with it right now. So we should make everything equal because it's not like the work a women does is a lower quality.
Did you know that women who worked full time earned on average only 78 cents for every dollar men earned. I think that this is a big deal because why should they get paid less for no reason. Why should they have to get paid less just because they are women the work is the same either way.  
President Obama signed an executive order on April in of 2014 to prevent workplace discrimination with workers. So the government is trying to get equal pay because they believe that women do the same amount as work as men.They may do the same amount of work but the quality of work could be a lot lower than a man's work.
In conclusion we are paying women any less than men because they do the same amount of work and sometimes even better quality and they still get paid less. We should pay them the same amount as men because they make up half America's work force. Plus they do the same amount and quality of work s men. So we should pay them the same amount as men.

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