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The war in the middle east

March 18, 2016

Boom you wake up to hear a loud bang come from outside fighters are all over the sky it’s hell on earth but it’s much more complicated than that a lot country's fighters are dropping bombs everywhere trying not to get close to each other. We need to set up a strong joint operations command with the russians because we can risk our planes and theirs getting tangled with each other.
     Firstly we need to set up a joint operations command and get it working to save us from a confrontation. Al jazeera america reported that the iraqs have started sharing intelligence with the russians. In other words our allies the iraqis have been sharing intelligence the people we work with are sharing intelligence. This shows that we need to share thing with the russians too if our allies trust them we should too.
      Secondly we need to get that joint forces command working smoothly. Usjf command has said that our joint operations command works fine and we can cooperate With the other branches of the armed forces well. In other terms we have refined our joint forces command so it will be easier to set up with the russians. This means we can set up a command easier than if this was a new thing to us.
     thirdly we need to have certain areas were the planes can operate to not get mixed up. The daily beast wrote that the russians have deployed 35 su-35,su-25,and su-24’s to the middle east. in other terms we have a lot of russian warplanes flying around the middle east. this means we have 35 and probably more russian planes in or coming to the middle east so i think we might not want to shoot or crash into one of their planes.
    Some people might say that we need to not help the russians because they may have had soldiers in ukraine. But if we control what they do in the middle east we won't have an international conflict. Or a massive army running around with other groups and we need to not bomb them. Like in the vietnam war numerous accounts of pilots dropping their payloads on the ground troops.We can't let that happen if we or the russians don't know where our troops are.
     I end my letter with a reminder that lives are at stake i know it’s war but we can prevent some lives from being lost by setting up a joint command with the russians and our allies. This could work if we articulate this properly and i know this will get to you after the paris attacks but do we want more people to die we need to work together to better the world. And get rid of isis it’s going to take some work but determination can help us achieve our goals.

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