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My Artemis

By: Jade Sweet


Those mesmerising hazel eyes shining like twinkling stars in the sky of olive skin. Her imperfectly perfect Cupid’s curve twitching up and down as it scrutinises me with her eyes. Her fiery glossy hair curling into notches near her round shoulders. Her rose lips turned into a scowl as she grumbles about the weather. Her pink blushing cheeks covered by her hair flowing and slapping her face which she finds irritating while I just love the look of her. The dimples that form and hug her cheeks as she smiles listening keenly to my day. The pearls like gleaming teeth chattering as the snow droplets fly by nearby. Her boots crunching the snow into pavement making them into tortillas as she says me about her day. Her threaded eyebrows meet each other as I say her my marks. But the dimples again play on her cheeks as she kisses me. Her rose and vanilla scent penetrates the walls that was formed in my heart. Her cheeriness and playfulness acidify the air as I laugh my heart out at the jokes she makes. It is times like these when I talk to My Artemis- My Mom that my day turns to a more lovely one.

Peer Review

You really do a good job with describing this character. I can really vividly see everything and it is wonderful!!

I don't think so

Reviewer Comments

This was really descriptive and I love your writing style!!