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Should We Legalize Marijuana

March 18, 2016

Marijuana. It's a subject that people feel very strongly about it. But why do some people need it. Well a small amount of people who are ill need it. Instead of taking a multitudes of pills a day or needing needles, they could just smoke a small amount of marijuana and they would feel just as good. The other amount of people are the people in the world are in parts of the world where they are forced to deal with drug wars over marijuana. So what do we do you ask? Simply make marijuana legal. About 2,596,993 people died since 2013 due to the war on drugs. This number would be minimized if we just legalized cannabis. I do understand that people think that marijuana is bad for you, and I’m not saying that it is saving people, but it has the same effects as alcohol. They both kill brain cells, so either way it would not change the person if they consumed alcohol.
If we legalized marijuana the amount of money we would make is off the charts. “This is Colorado, where a billion-dollar-a-year legal marijuana industry has emerged since January 2014.” (Joshua Miller) Two years after marijuana was legalized, Colorado made one billion dollars. If all the states were to legalize marijuana, that would come out to about fifty billion dollars through the entire country. And that number would grow because Colorado is not that big of state, if a state like California has legalized cannabis, there would be a huge growth in money in the United States.
Since Colorado has legalized cannabis, the amount of arrests have gone down 84%. That says something. If we legalized marijuana, the whole country's crime rate would plummet immensely. There would be a lot less people that are going to jail, that means that there would be less need for prisons through the United States. That means we would not need to pay for as many people in prison and all the things that we also pay for. We averagely pay 31,286 dollars for just one inmate. There would be a lot less people losing money due to the taxes for prisoners. That means that we would save a lot more money and people would not go into poverty. And this all was because of marijuana.
So, why don’t we legalize marijuana? Give me reasons why we don’t. It would make this world a lot better place.
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