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March 20, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

"Chikku": an extremely sweet, ethnic fruit adored by many, popularly used in chewing gum and herbal medicine.
Me: a dark, brooding teenager with constantly conflicting cultures, wildly unproductive and only helpful on some occasions.

There honestly couldn't be any more differences between us, yet it is the nickname I was given and am still referred to as by close family and friends.

Many, many years ago, my parents stumbled upon the brilliant (or so they considered it, at least) idea that, corresponding with my late sister's and not-yet-born brother's names, I should have a nickname that began with the "ch" sound, as did theirs. For lack of any better- nay, any other at all- inspiration, they chose a fruit commonly known as Sapodilla, or "Chikku" where they originated from. Throughout my early childhood, it appeared to match me- I was deceivingly perky and outgoing, indistinguishable from the fruit I ironically do not fancy and it's intense, overbearing sweetness. Then, as time passed, I revealed myself to be an introverted, reserved type of fruit- more of a pomegranate, if you ask me. But, my opinion was never asked, and thus to this day I am still given slightly confused, teasing glances from friends from school whenever they hear of this genuinely eccentric nickname and watch me struggle to nonchalantly explain it without getting flustered. But, I always do.

"Chikku" is something I've grown fond of, something I've begun to truly understand and learn through. By the simple beckoning of a friend or family member, I can use it to effectively diagnose emotions, to gauge levels of temper, sadness, and other distressing feelings. I cannot imagine being called anything else by those who I love and love me. 

Now, I am "Chikku"... not the fruit, but the person. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


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